Apr 4, 2011

Monday Mingle (text version) and Alayna's first poster/presentation!

Alayna Danielle, my 5 year old little diva, has her first presentation today to accompany her first poster that she has ever had to make for school.   Their class does a "Star Student" week, where each week they pick two students to be the star students.  They then have to make a poster about themselves and bring 5 things (one each day of the week) for Show and Tell.  She brought her Lalaloopsy doll today and the poster that she and I made together.  (Thank God for my Cricut or I wouldn't have been able to make her name look so presentable!)

She decided to go the route of things she loved, so we worked from there.  She loves dogs and cats, Gymnastics, her sister, Build-A-Bear workshop, cooking, Imagination Movers, her American Girl doll, Ballet, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Baton twirling!  Thanks to my iPhoto that organized all my photos by date, so it was easy to find the pictures I needed for this poster.  I ended up being completely lazy and ordering the pictures from Walgreens.  I was in no mood to actually print out the pictures and cut them out.  It was easier and actually didn't cost too much money, either!  I just hope that her presentation goes well.  We rehearsed, last night, what she should say and..well...she forgot half of it.  Ha!  At least she's in pre-k and it doesn't really count this year...next year...Kindergarten, is a different story. 

1. If you could choose a new career path, what would you choose? I never really had a "set" career that I wanted myself in. I loved everything and wanted to be a lot of different things.  As a child, I wanted to be a pediatrician, then I changed my mindset to be a professional figure skater, then I decided I wanted to be an artist and now I do want to be the owner of my own business.  However, right now I am a personal shopper & customer service agent.  Definitely not what I would have chosen for myself, but I do enjoy my work.  If I had to do it all again, I would probably focus on starting my own business and being successful at that.  I would love to be home with my kids and still be able to make a living.  Being my own success has always been a dream of mine, maybe I can eventually accomplish that!

2. What is your favorite ethnic food? I absolutely love Italian and Chinese food.  Actually, Panda Express (chinese/american) is defintiely my favorite Chinese food restaurant.  They aren't 100% authentic chinese, but americanized, but even so they have the BEST Orange Chicken, Won-Tons, Spring Rolls, Lo Mein.... THE BEST!!  I also like Pizza Hut...which is not really Italian!  Ha!  See a pattern?  I like the Americanized versions of ethnic foods!

3. Are your kids involved in sports/activities? My daughter is BIG on activities.  She used to be in Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Dance, Twirling... Unfortunately, that got very expensive for that time being.  We had to quit the activities.  However, she is going to be back in activities this fall.  She wants to go back into Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Soccer. :)