Apr 28, 2011


For two years I have had the dream to move my home office into our spare bedroom.  Of course, since we moved up here, our spare bedroom has been more of a concealed storage space for toys, clothes and other (frankly) shit unused things we didn't want out in the open.  I am not even kidding you when I say that that room was WORSE than most of the homes you see on Clean House.  You could not walk into that room AT ALL.  It was just a receptacle for shit, shit and more shit stuff we don't use! Since we could not walk in that room and I had no motivation for cleaning out the junk that was in it, I used my bedroom as a home office.  While that was ok for a while, unfortunately no longer.  What was the problem with that?  Simple.  Since I got my job with Bluefly, the temptation to lay down in my bed on the downtimes or watch TV while I worked was SO bad.  I felt like all of the distractions were calling my name! I felt like I couldn't properly get my work done.   Finally, after years of wanting it, I made the decision to clean that room.  I had to or I would continue to be distracted.  

It was not easy, but I took the entire morning/afternoon to clean that room and it is getting close to actually being a functioning office, craft room and play room!  I have a lot more to do, but at least I have a desk and my computer/work stuff in there.   I had a huge vision for this room, but I wasn't able to make that vision come alive due to lack of funds.  I had and still have to use things that I can find around the house, get for free/low cost on Craigslist or garage sales.  For now, I've found things that I can just use from the basement that we are not using. (Book cases and such!)  Slightly mismatched, but I may get out the paint and start painting them all to match!  Unfortunately, I have no money to deal with the ugly moss green rug in this room; that will have to stay!  Even ripping out the rug and putting down pre-pasted linoleum tiles is expensive and too time consuming.  No hate for the rug...Keep in mind that this rug has been there since the 50's!  Moss green must have been very popular back then!

The photo above is my desk!  The desk was already in this room, but the lamp, desk shelves, baskets on the desk shelves are new!  I love the desk cubicles...Target ($12.99) and the lamp...TJ Maxx ($16.99)  The top two cubes I had from my room.  They're actually shelves, but they came off my wall!  Still have A LOT of work to go to make this desk more welcoming, but it's a start.

This is a better view of the desk.  The bookcase my printer is on came from my room.  Actually, it came from a garage sale last summer!  I found the baskets (on the shelves) in my girls closet.  I must have gotten those baskets when one of them was a baby!  That bookcase is so sturdy and I love it!  Still needs photos on the walls and some art!

This room will keep changing and getting a little better as time goes on, but right now at least it functions the way I want it to!