Apr 1, 2011

Stuffed Hot Dog Recipe! Delicious for adults and kids! Low carb and Low cal!

Since I've been on a diet, I really want to make different things to make things more interesting.  Sometimes, eating the same salad or chicken is very tiresome and makes you not want to diet anymore.  My mom was talking about a stuffed hot dog that she used to eat when she was a kid, and I made my own variation!  I saw some different recipes online where you can mix ketchup, mustard and saurkraut to make a paste to go in the hot dog as well, but I wanted to make it as low carb as possible.  So I used the ketchup, saurkraut and mustard as garnish, if I wanted to eat it!


- 1 Large Hot Dog
- 1\8 oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese
- 1\2 tbsp Chopped Onions
- 2 Slices of Bacon


1. Using a grill or grill pan on stove top, use non stick cooking spray so the hot dog doesn't stick.

2. Cut a deep pocket in each hot dog, but do not cut all the way through!  Add shredded cheese or cheese stick into the slit of the hot dog and add chopped onions as well.

3. Wrap slices of bacon around the hot dog and fasten with toothpicks.

4. Place on the grill stuffed side down and grill for 2-3 minutes.  When that side is cooked, turn over and grill the other side.  Make sure the bacon is cooked, but not burnt!

If you're not on a diet and want to eat these with a bun, I would suggest to put the bun open side down on the grill to get the bun all toasty warm.  My mom did this and she LOVED it!

  • You can use green/red peppers instead of or in addition to onions, if you prefer.
  • Make sure you close the two ends with the toothpicks as well.  You don't want any cheese to seep out.
  • Cover the hot dogs, if you're using a grill pan, so that it cooks quickly and evenly.