Apr 15, 2011

Friday at Last! (Blog & Hops)

Sorry for the tackiness, but I had to use something glitzy to make myself feel better. Ha!  I have had the month week from hell.  I told my friend the other day, if I actually had a month week that went well, I'd be shocked.  Everything seems to go wrong lately! I definitely hope that things start looking up, but I highly doubt that.  At least I am not alone in feeling like life is overwhelming.  Two of my friends feel the same way, as well as a nice client that I met yesterday as well.  Maybe it's just a bad month for everyone.

As much as I love working at H&R Block, socializing with adults, helping clients; I am happy that it is coming to an end in a few days.  I will miss my mornings and having to get up to go to work, but I will have only one job and more time with my girls.  It's difficult to work two jobs to make ends meet when you're a single mom and have two kids.  However, that puts food on the table and helps to pay the bills.  I was considering getting another morning job, but I don't know if I should at this point.  I am exhausted, by the time I get off my second job at 10pm, I am already asleep before I sign off!  Adding to that is probably the way I have been eating for the past few months.  Carbs, calories, sugar; they all exhaust you.  I do feel better that I have been eating better again and lost 12 lbs.  I'm determined to keep going so that I can reach my goal and have energy again.  Besides, once I have that free time in the morning, I can continue with my freelancing (writing, art) as well as getting my business going again for my jewelry.  I am excited about what I can do until next tax season, and I hope that I am able to plan out my freelancing and business again.  It's all income and what I love to do too!

On top of that, I have my car.... Oh, my car... My beloved Chevy Equinox... I have to find some place that can actually diagnose the problems since I have been having so many.  Unfortunately, no dealer can tell me what is wrong with it. I keep getting the same diagnosis of a "speed sensor", which I have had replaced on ALL tires.  After $892 of work... STILL DOESN'T WORK!  I have another Chevy dealer a little farther away who said it may be a module for my breaks or ABS system, so I will have to take it there once I have more time.  I love my car more than anything, it's actually something that I enjoy; I don't blame my car, I blame the dealer I took it to, in order to get the problem diagnosed.  My car is good to me. :)

Tonight I also have to go to my Great-Aunt's wake.  She passed away due to many different problems, and while I wasn't super close to her as an adult, as a child I was.  My girls were very close to her, whenever they went to my grandmother's house to stay for a few hours, my Aunt Adele would come over and play with them.  She loved my girls so much!  She was my grandmother's sister, and they were together almost every day.  So I have to be there for her as well as my mom and girls.

Let's get to the super fun blog hops!