Jan 13, 2014

Happy National Make Your Dreams Come True Day!

Today is noted as Make Your Dreams Come True day and while I don't have any smaller dreams that I could make come true, I wanted to write about how my dreams have changed now versus when I was a child. 
My mom always stressed to me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and work towards, so I have always had some pretty great dreams. 
I started figure skating when I was three years old and my ultimate goal, when I was younger, was to be a figure skater.  I had dreams of being in the Olympics and winning all of these medals for my figure skating.  Skating three days a week solo and one on a synchro team, I felt like I was working towards my goal at a fast pace and I had a passion for skating.  Lessons, competitions and exhibitions went on for fourteen years until I was 17 years old.  When I was 17 years old I fell during a local end of the year exhibition and found out, after the fact, that I had broken a small bone in my ankle.  That injury took a lot out of me, going to physical therapy after healing that I was out for a few months at that point.  Once I got myself and my strength back, I decided that it had been too long and lost faith in myself.   I figured that I wouldn't be testing at, what was supposed to be, my skill level and I didn't want to be a level behind my old teammates. 
Eleven years later, as I sit here as a 28 year old, I regret my decision.  I regret not going back to finish out my figure skating dream.  I know I could have been great and could have possibly gotten to a higher competitive level.  Would I have gotten to the Olympics? The odds were against that but I could have kept believing that it was a possibility.  I still skate for fun and I teach my kids how to figure skate, but that's about it.  I no longer have any figure skating aspirations, unfortunately. 
Art has always been in my life and has always been a passion of mine but when I was injured it became a larger portion of my life.  While I was injured I did a lot of painting and drawing because I honestly had nothing else to do.  I realized that I wanted to go to art school and wanted to attempt to become a professional artist.  At that point in my life, I didn't realize how competitive the art field is and how many artists do not become famous.  Before I graduated High School in 2003 I found out that I was accepted into a small art college on a full scholarship, I was beyond excited that I solely got the scholarship based on my skills and my portfolio.  I realized that I really was as talented as people had said I was.
During my Freshman year I fell in love with a friend of my brother, got engaged and was pregnant by February of 2005. Unfortunately, because of being in an art school, they would not allow me to continue while pregnant.  (They didn't want to be liable if anything happened because of the materials used.)  So I traveled back home, still having high hopes and aspirations for an art career.  I had planned on going back after she was born. 
When my daughter (Alayna) was born, everything changed.  I found a job at home, got a second job at H&R Block and continued on researching everything I could about Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Marketing, etc...
Eight years (and one more daughter) later, my aspirations and life goals have completely changed.  I now own my own business, still work for H&R Block and now want to become a successful business owner. 
In ten years I hope to have a successful business, still working for H&R Block (which I love) and married with one more child.  I hope to own my own home and am able to help support my family with my business, while still being at home with my kids.
Looking back, a lot has changed.  Maybe I didn't become an Olympic figure skater or a famous artist, but I still have my whole life ahead of me to dream.  I have two beautiful kids, a boyfriend who is amazing and know that my future is going to be great no matter what happens.