Jan 18, 2014

Journey to Thin Week 1

Even though it was one of my resolutions to lose weight, I started a little late on my journey.  I felt that I had to be completely ready, committed and in the right mindset to change how I was eating for good.  This past week I felt like I was completely ready. 
I went grocery shopping after work on Sunday and got healthy food for the whole week.  (I would have gotten food for the month but I'm on a limited budget until I get my paycheck!)  I felt that I was completely ready and motivated to lose after weighing myself and realizing I gained back most of the weight that I lost last year.
This year I will not fall off the wagon, rather I will hold on for dear life no matter what.   That's fact.  I can't fall off the wagon again, I get extremely depressed and turn to food and hating myself when I eat horribly.  I want to change my life this year and feel amazing about myself.
I set my weigh ins for Saturdays and today was my first weigh in of my plan.  I was surprised to see that I lost 7.2lbs.  You may think that's a lot for one week but I know my body.  I usually lose between 5-7lbs for the first two weeks but after that it levels out to about 0.5-1lb a week for the duration. It's mostly water weight but that's water weight that is already making a difference in my body shape. 
Already I feel that I have more energy and feel better about myself.  I love feeling that way.
Here's to more weight loss in the coming weeks... :)