Jan 29, 2010

Had a little shopping day...

Who could pass up the 30% off everything sale at Old Navy?  Definitely not me.  I didn't have much extra that I could spend, however I did get enough to make it a great deal!  Unfortunately, I didn't try a lot on and do have to return some things tomorrow...Oh well.  Shit happens!  There were some greal deals like a spring jacket for $12, Khakis for $8, some shirts that were $2 or $3... I also got some lip gloss for $1, two notepads for $0.50 each.  I got quite a bit.  

I also had to stop at A&P to pick up some bread for dinner and of course I have to look in the makeup aisle.  I found some Wet 'n' Wild products for only $1.50 each.  So of course, I had to pick some up.  I want to try them tomorrow. :)  I got Ultimate Minerals Eyeshadow in golden and amathyst, Mega Eye in Mauves and Mega Plump lip goss in Malibu Peach.  I'm really trying to be able to put together some great eye makeup looks with cosmetics from regular grocery stores.  Ever since I worked at Sephora and learned how to do my eye makeup better than I had, I've been determined to try to be able to use those ideas and recreate them with a lot cheaper products. :)  Who needs those expensive products?  So far, with my experimentation, I've found that you can do the same with high pigmented grocery store eye color.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my taxes done at the mall.  I'm praying I get a decent refund, because I could really use it!!