Jan 26, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids... lol :)

I...Love...These things...

I got them on sale at Walmart a few weeks ago for $1.88 each. I bought a few packages of these because they just looked interesting. (And a great way to make just one cup of Kool Aid when I don't want to waste an entire pitcher.) Let me tell you, these are the BEST things that I have ever purchased. Kool Aid Fun Fizz!! It's available in grape and this fruit punch flavor that I had gotten. :)

In each package you get 8 little individually wrapped fizzes. All you do is take the fizz and put it into an 8 oz glass of water. It automatically fizzes and dissolves on it's own. No effort on your part! (And I love that since I do so much around the house as it is! lol) This stuff is honestly great tasting too. It tastes better than regular Kool Aid and involves no extra sugar being put in the glass. :) My kids definitely approve of it! We haven't tasted the grape one, my kids don't really like anything grape flavored, but the fruit punch is really good. The price without being on sale is probably around $2.99. Give or take. I got them on sale so I stocked up. (I had a coupon too. lol)

My kids have been completely insane today. I realized that I had left my makeup bag on the floor in the bathroom today. Bad idea... My extensive makeup collection got into the hands of a 2 year old. Who proceeded to do her own make up. She comes into the kitchen, where I'm working on packing some dishes, and I hear "Mama! Make up!" I look and Olivia is COVERED in eye makeup. It was funny and cute, she thought she was all that... She did a good job too! It was hilarious. You know I'm a makeup addict when my kids want to wear make up too. They think they HAVE to wear make up. I'm going to have two crazy teenagers on my handds in a few years!!