May 9, 2011

Office Redecorating Stress!

I find myself stressing lately about my home office.  I work 40 hours a week from home, so I need a nice and calming environment.  I really want it to be clutter-free so I can work without distractions.  This is why I moved my desk out of my room.  My room had way too many distractions and I found it so hard to work in there; or really concentrate on WHAT I had to do for work.  As I noted before in the previous post, we moved my office into our spare bedroom, which was empty.  It's been so nice to work in a calming environment separated from the rest of the house.  I.  Love.  It.  The only issue was, I still needed to do more work to get this room functional, the way I wanted it.  My ultimate vision is for this room to be a craft room, art studio and my home office.  Tall order, huh?  Definitely is, but I'm going to work my ass off to achieve this goal of mine... And quick!  

I'm slowly collecting bits and pieces from yard sales to make this room my ultimate vision.  I want it to be artsy, modern and yet cute!  Unfortunately, the ugly carpet is one thing I cannot change, but I can change the rest. I will change the rest!  

I purchased this cabinet from a yard sale last weekend, where I paid $5 for it.  I absolutely adore it.  It's going to eventually house some of my beads in canisters or maybe wire and other craft needs.  I absolutely adore this shelf!  The "Friends" wood art, I got from TJ Maxx for $1.50.  It was chipped in a few places, but I have plans to distress this further!  The little mannequin I got from a garage sale.  It's absolutely freaking adorable!

I fell in love with this lamp when I saw it at TJ Maxx. :)  I have two pictures on top of my shelves too.  Those are going to eventually go, since I need to find a better way to make use of these shelves.

Sigh... My cluttered desktop.  I love these little cubbies, but A LOT of work needs to be done.  Right now, I just threw things in the cubbies because I needed room for them.  They actually may get put elsewhere instead of on my desktop.  I can foresee this place becoming a receptacle for garbage.  However, I LOVE the little charging station! (bottom middle)  I got it from TJ Maxx yesterday for $3!  Can't beat that!  It's adorable and very functional.  Though, I don't think I'm going to keep it there.  I also need to find a solution for the power strip on the left side nearest the wall...The desk needs a lot of attention.  .
Last but not least, for today, I hung a metal coat rack on the wall in our entry way.  We needed a place Alayna could put her backpack when she came in from school, so I installed this!  It looks so adorable under my FAVORITE picture of Alayna as a baby. (I actually took the pictures and made the collage.  It's amazing and one of our favorites.) Next, I'm looking for a shoe rack or shoe box to put below this.  Maybe even a small dresser to store the things that we need when we leave in the morning.  I'm determined to make our entry way a very inviting place.  

I promise to blog more soon!  I have been so busy with everything going on!