May 10, 2011

Would you ever name your child Astravaganza or Facebook?

Celebrities are known for having the most off-the-wall baby names they can possibly have, but some non-celebrity moms are also starting to pick up on the trend.  I read an article this morning where some mom actually named her daughter Astravaganza. (Are you serious?!)  Parents want something unique that will set their children apart from the rest, but they also don't want their children to get beat up on the playground either.  I am not sure some parents consider that when naming their child.  They really do have to consider the long-term effects of the name that they are giving their child.

It's funny, I actually wanted my girls to have unique names as well.  I had gone through a ton of names in one of the baby name books that I had purchased, and I actually had about 50 names narrowed down for each.  Some were traditional and some were completely unique.  In fact, Alayna was supposed to be D'Andra Rose and Olivia was supposed to be Isabella Leighton.  I don't remember exactly why I changed Olivia's name last minute, but I am glad that I did change it.  She really is an Olivia.  As for Alayna, I am glad I changed her name, however I still love the name D'Andra Rose.  If I ever have another daughter, I have it set in my mind that I am definitely going to use D'Andra Rose.  (Ok, maybe I'd change it to Deandra Rose...)  

Alayna's name really is unique and the spelling is as well.  I had googled it once, and not too many kids in the United States have the spelling that she does.  I absolutely love her name and thinks it matches my little princess perfectly.  It doesn't hurt that Alayna loves her name as well!  I don't exactly even remember how I came up with the name, but something told me to change it last minute.  (And it wasn't my mom either. Ha!)  

When I was choosing names for my girls, both my mom and grandma kept reminding me that it was very important to make sure that the names fit the girls.  They also reminded me that my girls would have to live with the names that I pick for them, so I should choose wisely while considering that.  It did change my list quite a bit and narrowed it down to a few select names.  I had always been after choosing unique names for them, and even I had some off the wall crazy ones!  Though, I knew that I should save the off the wall crazy names for pets, and give my girls names they can live with.

I'm not saying that all unique names are crazy, I've seen some that are just completely adorable and fir their kids perfectly.  I am, however, talking about names such as Astravaganza, Sunflower, Facebook (I'm not kidding, someone named their child FACEBOOK) and so on...  Some people just take it too far without thinking about reprocussions as the child grows up

Does your child have a unique name or what do you think of unique names?