May 26, 2011

Summer is coming! Children in Bikinis? Your opinions!

I recently saw this topic on Momversation and in light of summer coming up, I feel this is a good debate to spark on my blog and maybe some others as well.  It's definitely something that has many different opinions and I am sure moms cannot agree on what is right and what is wrong.  It has many moms and families split down the middle.  

Remember the news headlines a few weeks ago about Abercrombie Kids having a padded string bikini for kids?  Well, I believe this really sparked the conversations and debates about whether or not children should wear bikinis to the beach since their little (and very inappropriate) bikinis became front page news.  

Alayna, who is 5.5 going on 18, likes anything trendy.  She loves the cute dresses, the skirts, the shoes with a heel or trendy gladiator sandals; she is definitely a fashionista and wants to be the cute little princess.  Yes, she even asks me when she can wear a bra.  However, even if she wanted to wear the padded string bikini that Abercrombie had advertised, I would not let her.  In my opinion, padded bikini tops and string bottoms should not be for children.  Just the word "padded string bikini" has a lot of sex appeal to it, which should not be related to children. Children are innocent and should be kept that way.  I don't mind my daughter wearing a bikini that is age-appropriate, but I wouldn't want her to wear something so revealing at ANY age, let alone at five and a half.

I think babies in bikinis are adorable.  Especially with the little saggy butt from the swim diapers.  I remember wearing bikinis at that age too.  I wore them up until I was (too fat) in elementary school!  I think the Disney Princess bikinis (with enough coverage on top and bottom!) are adorable for kids, but it is the parent's decision.  I know many parents who are dead set against their child wearing bikinis, and I know parents who are open to it.  I am a parent with a very open mind, but still limits and I still have a say in what my child wears.  I will always have a say in what she wears!  Even though my Alayna wants to look trendy and cute, I will not allow her to wear anything inappropriate, too short or something with not enough material.  Yes, I am a young mom, but I still know what is right and what is wrong.

What is your opinion on children in bikinis?