Nov 10, 2011

NEVER go to the mall with kids.

Tuesday I made the very hard and stressful decision to leave Old Navy.  I enjoyed the job but the 45 minute commute to and from work everyday was very stressful on me and tough on my wallet for gas money.  As much as I loved everyone there and enjoyed the job (and the discount!) I told them that we had to part ways as I didn't want to be unfair to them when I couldn't give my all to the job. As I was in the car on the way home from telling them I had to leave (and I was in tears) I got a phone call from Coach.  I had applied with them a few weeks prior and had gone on an interview about a week and a half before...  They were offering me a job!!  I was so excited I could barely contain myself and all I wanted to do was get out of my car and jump for joy.  Not to mention how perfect the timing was of their phone call; when I was crying and stressing over my decision to leave Old Navy!  

To make a long story short, my mom had to run to a store to get something for an anniversary party she has to go to and Coach wanted me to come in for a short orientation; so I had to take my mom and kids with me to Staten Island. What a freaking mistake that was!  On the way to the mall Olivia kept asking me if we were going to the North Pole.  Why? I have no idea.  Every time I said no she would get so angry at according to Olivia; we were going to the North Pole. (Aka Staten Island Mall??) 

I walk in the mall and almost gouge my car keys into my eyes because they have a HUGE Christmas tree up, Christmas Carols playing and, of course, a HUGE train ride around the Christmas tree.  I forgot, did we even HAVE Thanksgiving yet?  Is it just me or are the Christmas decorations going up earlier and earlier?  I'm completely no where near ready.  I'm already cutting it close for my orientation and my kids are jumping around BEGGING me to let them go on the train.  Really?  So I promise them after I get out of my work meeting.  (Secretly, I was hoping they'd walk around the mall and forget about the train ride.  Of course, the damn thing is right smack in the middle of the mall -- the focal point of EVERYTHING!)  

My orientation went very well and I was so excited to be around all of those gorgeous purses. (I actually picked out one that I want so bad.) It's the Chelsea Jayden Animal Print Carryall.  (I can't find a pic of it, but google it.  Gorgeous!)  They said they're going to give me a call on Monday or Tuesday to let me know when I can come in to actually start. (And get my discount? LOL)  I'm just so very excited.  I love Coach, I love their products and working for a company that I adore as much as I do just makes me so happy.

As I found my mom and kids again I find out that my mom took them into Build-A-Bear... REALLY MOM!?  All I hear is "They have Angry Birds", "Can we go to Build-A-Bear again?", "Can we have Olivia's birthday party at Build-a-Bear?" No, No, No and one more No... Did I mention NO!?  Of course, I have to go past Build-A-Money Tree again because I have to go to Claires to return something.  Thankfully, we walked on the other side of the corridor so we wouldn't be in direct view of Build-A-Bear.  

Did I mention that going to Claires with a 6 going on 16 year old is a BAD idea?  I had to exchange a pack of nose studs because mine was missing one. (Actually, I went to put the clear one in last night and knocked it off my sink...It fell INTO the sink.  Therefore, I told Claires one was missing...Everyone does it.)  When we walked into the store all I heard from Alayna was, "Can I buy earrings? Oo, I want some makeup.  Can I buy hair accessories for school?  What about a necklace? OHHHH JUSTIN BIEBER GLOVES!"  My head was spinning and I silently cursed Justin freaking Bieber out for even becoming a singer at this point. By the time I got the package of nose studs my mom had gotten a basket and put things she wanted me to buy the girls in it.  "They're all on clearance..." she said, but she didn't realize that buying 10383947395 things that are on clearance are going to add up.  $60 later (really?!) Alayna had her stupid Justin Bieber gloves and about 108430958 headbands for school, Olivia had her stupid Hello Kitty set...whatever it was and all I got was my nose studs and a pair of earrings for work.  Ok, I got Alayna two pairs of earrings for school and she also got a Justin Bieber necklace. (I swear to God, after Alayna's JB birthday party, her obsession with JB and today -- I'm paying the kid's college tuition.) 

By this point, I just want to go home!  Of course, I have to stop and get pretzels before we leave because my kids won't shut up unless they get pretzels.  But we finally got out of there...THANK GOD!  Never again will I go to the mall with my kids.  It's just asking to go insane.