Nov 16, 2011

Santa Clause is Coming...To The Mall?

Yes, that's Santa and yes, I know it's early for a picture with Santa.  I don't want to give anyone anxiety with the Christmas/Santa talk and I'm not trying to rush the Holiday, trust me!  When we went to the mall the other day Santa was sitting there in his Holiday wonderland with absolutely no one in line. (I think I may have seen Santa filing his nails while waiting! haa!!)  Olivia and Alayna both started saying they wanted to talk to Santa and were adamant about it, so I agreed.  Alayna has never had a problem with Santa but Olivia has never taken one picture with Santa where she wasn't crying, I had to seize the day. (Without sounding overly dramatic!)  Only problem was; Olivia was in a sweat suit and Alayna was in her school uniform! (Respectively.)  

There were a few clothes stores right next to where Santa was, so we ran into one and bought the cutest matching outfits for the girls. (And changed them in the bathroom for the picture!)  The stress, worry and money was well worth it when I got an adorable picture of the girls (SMILING) with Santa for our Christmas cards!

However, this makes me think -- Isn't it so hard to shop for Christmas outfits for your kids?  I know we go through that stress every year!  Prior to this year we've always gone with the red and white fru-fru dresses, hey my kids are two adorable girls, right?  This year Alayna and Olivia both said they didn't want anything baby-ish and fru-fru(ish).  They wanted something mature and "trendy" (who wudda thought at 3.5 and 6..)  so we got them the sweater dresses with the matching scarves.  Throw on some leggings and cute shoes -- "trendy" Christmas outfits. (Although I miss the fru-fru)  I know everyone goes through this hassle with Christmas and important events for their kids!  Granted, girls clothing is much more difficult to find than boys clothes; girls have more of a variety and EVERYTHING looks cute on them!

What types of outfits do your kids wear for Christmas or special holidays?
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