Nov 23, 2011

My Week Long Home Improvement Project

I have always wanted an art studio.

Being an artist who really dabbles in many different mediums, I have always wanted an art studio of my own.  Somewhere I could keep all of my paints, canvas, jewelry making supplies, scrap booking supplies and other art supplies.  Actually, when I was in grade school & high school, I actually tried to separate my room into two sections; a bed room and an art section.  Sure it cluttered my room since I had so much in there, but it sort of looked like what I want.  However, growing up, having kids and moving upstairs didn't help any.  I was further strapped for space and really couldn't section my room like that anymore.
This past summer, when I was working from home, I tried to make our extra bedroom into an office.  That made it easier for me to work from home and actually have a place to myself.  I thought that I could possibly also do crafts in there, but my kids toys slowly started to sneak in there.  I don't know why, but I feel like it's impossible to actually organize that room.  The ugly carpet, strange closet placement and lack of space altogether was just a problem.  Because of the question of where to put my supplies and where to do my crafts/art, I actually had moved all my supplies to the attic and took a break from crafting.  It really stressed me out when I couldn't do my artwork and made me pretty depressed.  After all, art and crafting -- anything creative -- was an emotional outlet for me.  It was calming.

Last week my mom and I went into my grandfather's old "workshop" for something and I had the best idea; trying to use that space as an art studio.  It wasn't too big, it was cozy.  It already had plenty of built in tables over two walls and the space had plenty of built in shelving under the tables for what I needed. The only problem was, two walls were completely concrete and two walls were the ugliest patched together wood I have ever seen in my entire life.  I knew it was going to be a horribly difficult room to fix up just because of the way the walls were.  I decided that I had to use paneling to get the walls to look at least semi decent.

Paneling in Progress

The project was actually very inexpensive and took just 4 days to complete. (Mostly because I had to work and take care of my kids in between doing this!)  The ending result is just awesome and I'm so happy that I chose to do this.  Actually, I'm writing this from my studio right now!  I just need to finish some finishing touches such as a blind on my window. (Being in the basement, it's scary not having a blind or curtain on your window.)

Here are some photos!

Nevermind the unfinished ceiling and the junk on the bottom shelves.  That's my grandfather's junk. Still have to clean that.

This is before I added my craft stuff to it. :)

I got this basket from Ikea and it organizes my ribbons perfectly! I need to make another Ikea trip!

Any suggestions for the room?