Jan 4, 2012

New Years Dieting...

How many people say that they are making a New Years Resolution to lose weight?  Probably millions, but I really do mean it.  I can't believe how I let my depression get a hold of me and let myself eat so much that I am now at my highest weight ever.  I have a family history of diabetes and I know I'll be on that track if I don't fix myself and don't get on the right track, I know that we also have a history of high blood pressure and heart disease as well.  My goal in life is to be happy and healthy for my kids and also to feel good about myself for once.  That's all I have wanted for years.  Now, I am making that happen.  I made a promise to myself and my girls that I would stick to this diet until I get to my goal weight.  It's going to take a while and it is going to be difficult to overcome my cravings and weaknesses, but I know that I can do it.

I've been on many diets in my life, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Atkins and so on, but what really worked for me was Atkins and a low carb lifestyle.  That seemed to work the best with me and my body and that is what I'm doing.  I'm a french fry addict -- every time my kids have fries or my friends do, I Itneed to have some.  That's one of my most favorite foods and it's hard for me to resist them.  Limiting my carbs is going to be very difficult, but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it and if I keep the willpower high.  I need to have willpower and I need to realize that food does not rule my life, I rule my life. The food will still be there if I want to have a little cheat when I get closer to my goal weight.

Being on this for three days now, carb withdrawal is the worst.  Headaches and mood swings are the worst and what my family and friends dread when I change my eating lifestyle.  It's the third day now and those are lessening along with the extreme feeling of hunger and the cravings that usually rule my life.  It's actually amazing to see just how good I feel now and how much energy I already have, limiting the carbs for just a few days.  Prior to this, I'd want to sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, be completely exhausted and feel terrible in general.  I want to feel good and constantly have energy, I have to keep on this. 

So, I'm saying this and making a promise to all my readers -- I will stick to this way of eating for as long as I have my goals.  

Encouragement, please?