Jan 9, 2012

Almost 7lbs down. :D

I'm almost 7lbs down and I'm extremely excited to have lost (close) to 10 lbs.  My ultimate goal is quite a ways away, but every 10 pounds is a celebration for me.  Feeling that I have the willpower and determination to do this is actually very comforting; Maybe because I know I have no choice.  There's no way I can live the way I was before dieting or I would never believe in myself.

By cooking more, I'm learning that you can eat food that's very delicious and still lose weight.  I really will have to start posting more of my recipes on here to share the awesome food that I make with all of you.  The fact that I'm making my food fresh and know that I'm making my family something nutritious is very important to me and makes me extremely proud of myself.  

Like I said, I have a long way to go -- but seeing my weight go lower makes me happy every single time I weigh in.  I will definitely keep the blog updated as I lose more and more weight, hopefully getting to my ultimate goal.