Jan 10, 2012

Duane Reade VIP Blogger 2012 Entry Blog

Since most New Jersey locations discontinued their Duane Reade stores, I travel 10 minutes to Staten Island, NY to shop at the stores.  Why?  I think their stores are a lot more organized than most drug stores of their type and I feel that they have the best prices on some of the items I need; especially with the Duane Reade card! Their stores are absolutely affordable on even the most expensive products and their employees are always kind, even in their always busy Manhattan stores.  Duane Reade has absolutely everything you'll need when you go there to shop!  

Why should I be chosen to be a 2012 Duane Reade VIP Blogger?  I absolutely love the store and always have great things to say about them.  I love to use my coupons there so I can get the best deals and would definitely be willing to post some posts about my shopping trips at Duane Reade and how to get the best bang out of your buck at the store.  I also feel that I have a great following and loyal readers that would love to hear about Duane Reade and their amazing deals.  I feel that I have the writing skills to come up with well thought out posts and I feel that Duane Reade would not be disappointed with the way that I present their stores!