Jan 21, 2012

Zeiss Lenses and their Educational Tools

Your eyes and your eyesight is nothing to joke around with, this is why Zeiss Lenses has a full educational community with many tools to help you learn to protect your eyes and take care of them.  They have full information on how to choose an eye doctor and this is very important information.  There are some eye doctors, and trust me I have been to them, who don't give you the proper instructions for care with your eyes, glasses and lenses.  You want a reputable eye doctor who has the reputation of being knowledgeable and assisting their patients fully with their eyes and eye care.

There is also important information on the health of your eyes and what to expect as you get older and your vision changes.  Surely, you'll want to know when something is normal with age or abnormal and know when to get to the eye doctor to save your eyes and your vision.  I cannot stress how important it is to read this article, it may save your vision someday.

Do you know the difference between an Optometrist, Optician and Ophthalmologist?  I didn't either, but the learning center educational tools explains it all to you. Clicking on the Facts about lenses and doctors gives you that information.  It explains the type of doctors, what their specialty is and why you should go to each specialist.   It also gives you the information about when babies, children, teenagers and adults should go to the eye doctor.  Most children and adults don't go to get their eyes checked as often as they should; eyes and prescriptions do change with age.  

Did you know that most eye doctors don't explain the different types of lenses to their patients?  Most just request a certain kind that they are currently promoting or sometimes just the cheapest or most expensive.  Patients should really know what questions to ask their eye doctors but most don't!  The learning tools give you some ideas of what questions to ask your eye doctor so they can direct you accordingly to the right kind for your eyes!  

Definitely go over and visit the Educational Tool by Zeiss Lenses.  They will give you some great and important knowledge!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the opinions expressed int his post are completely 100% my own.  They are not persuaded by Zeiss lenses, only the educational information was provided for this post.  I was compensated by writing this post.