Jan 17, 2012

Home Decor added to Gems The Word Shop & COUPON CODE!

I absolutely love to make these yarn wrapped wreaths and actually find the tedious process of wrapping the wreaths in yarn very therapeutic and calming! lol  I do it while I'm watching TV or a movie.  The wreath pictured above is a yarn wrapped Valentines Day wreath!  The best part?  The hearts are removable so you can use this wreath even after Valentines Day!  The felt rosettes on the bottom are completely handmade.  (Another tedious process!)  You can view this here >> Valentines Day Yarn Wrapped Wreath.  This is added to my shop and the price for this is $28!  

This one is a 12" wreath and is wrapped in multi color yarn.  I so love this wreath because of it's bright and cheery colors.  We have the purple, pink and blue colors in this wreath. Again, the felt rosettes are handmade and in varying sizes.  I love the colors of the rosettes; pink, black, purple and blue.  The embellishments are a beautiful sparkle blue spray on the top and hand-sparkled white leaves on the bottom.  Just beautiful!  You can view this here! >> Multi Color Yarn Wrapped Wreath. This is priced at $32.

We also have some beautiful jewelry that is in our shop as well.  I'd appreciate it if you checked it out!  Right now we are having a hard time with my not having a job yet and I really would like to make some income from this shop to help us out.  For everyone who visits our shop from my blog, I'm offering a 10% discount on your ENTIRE purchase!  Enter - THANKYOU at check out on Etsy!