Mar 7, 2009

Change of plans...

I was going to switch blogs because I wanted a 3 column layout and this kept giving me an error message. Oddly enough, an older blog that I still had on here allowed me to change the HTML, but this blog gives me an error. Well, the newer blog I created also does the same thing. I don't understand the errors, but that's my luck. Nothing is really supposed to work smoothly for me! :D I'm just going to make do with what I have unfil I find out what the stupid Blogspot error is!

I haven't had the chance to work on anything lately because of my kids, their activities, my job inteviews, etc... I went out with my mom tonight to a fundraiser for her friend's daughter's school, so I really had absolutely no time. Tomorrow, I am planning on doing some work for the shop. We also have the upcoming craft show. :)