Mar 6, 2009

It looked like a horror movie! lol

Don't mind the quality, it's courtesy of my MacBook webcam. lol

I'm going to a "Card Party" tomorrow with my mom and her friends. (I can hear it now, you are all saying; "Oooo What a mommy event!" lol) The last time I dyed my hair was around November or December and my roots were showing pretty apparently! So I had to dye my hair. I love my hair red, so I wanted to go with that instead of dying it dark. By the time I got the dye into my hair it was 1 am and my mom was too exhausted to help, so I did it myself. Oy! My roots completely did not dye. I guess tomorrow or some other time I'm going to have to just touch them up because of that. I don't know why, I used two bottles of hair dye.

The funny part is this: It's red hair dye. When I washed out the dye from my hair, I swear to God my shower looked like a scene from Psycho or any other horror movie shower scene. LOL. I was so worried it would stain the bath tub and my mom would flip. (I was using her shower, not mine upstairs. lol) It came out good despite the root problems. I usually pull my bangs up with a clip anyway, so the roots won't even show. It just annoyed me they didn't dye too!!