Mar 1, 2009

Our school district is closed tomorrow.

It's not like Alayna would even be going tomorrow anyway. She's still so sick and running a low grade fever. I'm worried about dehydration. She is so skinny as it is and she can't hold anything down. Not even water. I feel so bad for my poor little princess. I just want her to feel better. She isn't even excited about the snow and slept all day.

In the midst of her sleeping, I got a lot done today! I got a few great bars of soap done and am going to make the new store tomorrow for the soaps & bath and body. I really want to separate my items so that the jewelry isn't with everything else. I think it should be separate. :) My most favorite soap I made today is the cinnamon bun soap. It smells so good I want to gobble it all down! lol I'll definitely take pictures of them tomorrow when I get them wrapped perfectly.

Tomorrow, hopefully I'm going to work on some jewelry pieces. I have so much going on this week, I'm supposed to be going out for lunch tomorrow with a friend, I have a lot of mystery shops to do tomorrow, and I also have to work on my items before March 23rd, when my first ever craft show is that my mom and I are showing at. Nervousness! Stress! lol