Mar 1, 2009

Such a great new thing, I found.

I know this has NOTHING to do with crafting, but I found this great new breakfast food that I know my kids will love, when they feel better, and that fits into my Nutrisystem perfectly! I'm always searching for new "entrees" for my Nutrisystem breakfast because the NS food gets so bland after a while, so after reading the nutrition stats on everything in the frozen Breakfast aisle, I found these:

Eggo Mini Muffin Tops
I paid $1.99 on sale for them at A&P.

You can't see them too well since they are double chocolate and I took this with my Blackberry, but they're so good! I had them with the normal NS add ins, fruit and chocolate milk, but they're so good! (Have them with whipped cream too!) They come like mini chocolate chip cookies - that size. I toasted them and they're delicious!

I suggest everyone get them for themselves and their kids! lol They're heavenly.