Mar 3, 2009



I finally got my 2nd shop up.  (Visit it above!)  I am very happy with it.  I love my Oh My Cupcake products so much!  I'm basically going to use it for my bath and body projects.  Possibly some cards as well.  I'd like to keep Three Seventeen just jewelry.  I've read in the Etsy forums that it is easier for customers if different "genres" (so to speak) are in different shops.  I do want my business to succeed, so this is something that I think is proper in order for customers not to be too overwhelmed.

I worked very hard on my soaps the other day.  My favorite of all of my soaps are my denture soaps.  They came out so well!  My favorite scent is the Columbian Coffee soap.  It smells so amazing, I had to make one for myself so I could use it. :)  I love the scent of coffee so much!   

A third sale was made the other day!  That made me so excited.  Unfortunately, though, we are pretty much snowed in until tomorrow.  So my two orders will ship tomorrow because of that.  The satellite post offices near me (within walking distance) are closed until tomorrow and only the main post office was open, but we could not get our car down the block.  Snow plows don't think that little dead end private streets need plowing, obviously. *sigh*

Tomorrow morning I have a big job interview at a company in Long Island City, NY.  It's a position for a Junior Sales Representative at a publishing firm.  I'm very excited and a little nervous.  Firstly, I have no idea how to get there and I'm really going to have to leave early enough so I don't get lost.  I also have to find parking.  I'm going to be printing out my resume tonight so that I would be able to leave early in the morning.  I'm nervous because I've never been on a real interview before that wasn't an interview for a retail position.  I am very hopeful and trying to think positive.  I really do think I need this job in order to support my family and be able to securely do the Etsy thing as well.  

I posted a few business cards on the pin board at the local grocery store today.  It was completely empty. so I thought I'd draw some attention. ;)  I don't know if it's going to work, tomorrow I'm going to go to the store and see if there are still the 5 there that I posted, but I'm hoping that maybe I could also get some local publicity.  

My Google Analytics did say that I had 89 visitors yesterday.  That is a HUGE jump from my usual daily 20-30.  Not sure why I had that many visitors, I don't think I was on the front page or anything, but I just had a lot of visitors.  Strange!! (But good!)