Sep 30, 2010

Dear Krissy...

One day I had a writers block and started looking through Mama Kat's blogging prompts.  This was one that jumped out at me.  Of course, it's a few months old, but I don't care! I still wanted to write it!

The prompt was, "Write a letter to the 10 year old you were..."

Dear Ten Year Old Krissy,

As much as you think you have to try to impress others and as much as you think you have to be someone you're not, YOU DON'T!  If people are your friend when you are completely yourself, they're worth your time and they are actually your friend.  If you feel you have to change or impress them, and if they don't like you for who you really are, forget them.  It's not worth your time!

Having low self confidence will scar you for life.  Trust me, I know.  Forget about the "Kick Me" sign on your back and the kid who tried to tie your shoe laces to the desk, that stuff is just a temporary humiliation.  As much as you think your life is going to end when the entire class laughs at you, it won't.  The moment will pass, the day will go on, and when the next day comes there will be something else for them to laugh at.  Kids. Are. Cruel.  You can't let that stuff get to you.  Letting it impact you will make you even more of an easy target.  They bully kids that they know they can get a reaction out of.  It gives them some sort of sick satisfaction to see someone cry.  Be strong, stand up for yourself, and keep your head held high over every bully who tries to put you down.  Bullies are like wild animals, they can smell/sense your fear.

The most important thing is concentrating on school and studying.  Image and how you are perceived to others is the least of your worries.  Dwelling on the negative and thinking of how you can impress people instead of being a dork will just make you slack in class and make your grades go down.  It will also cause you to be depressed.  It's not worth it.  

You're a strong person, even if you don't realize it.  You can overcome the feelings of vulnerability.  You can change your priorities before it's too late.  

The older, smarter, 25 year old you.