Sep 5, 2010

A surprising day at the fair!

We were supposed to get the rain from the hurricane this weekend but thankfully the hype was just that; hype.  It rained a little bit on Thursday, but that was it.  The rest of the weekend was gorgeous!  It was so gorgeous that yesterday we decided to make this weekend our last garage sale weekend of the summer.  So off we went!

Yesterday we had so many great deals for the kids.  I couldn't believe how much we got for the little bit of money we spent.  We had so much fun that we decided to go again today.  So we did!

Today was gorgeous...mid 70's to low 80's.  The first yard sale we hit (and the last!) had so many clothes for my girls.  I got about 50 pieces including Gap, Childrens Place, Old Navy and so many more name brand clothes and paid $5.  AMAZING!  We also got some great toys (still in the box!) that I was able to sneak away for Christmas.  In total, I spent $20 in garage sales for clothes, 7 boxed toys (new in the box!) a pair of Bratz roller skate/sneakers for Alayna, a brand new box of Colorforms, some little stuff the kids wanted and so much more.  I love the bargains! 

The reason why that was the only sale we went to, was when we were heading to the next garage sale we saw the Staten Island Richmond County Fair was there!  Of course, we had to stop!  Unfortunately, this was the biggest money eater of them all.  $45 to get into the fair for the 4 of us, money for games, food, face painting, airbrush tattoos and more.  Of course, I can't say no to my kids... But I'd rather give them the last great fun of the summer before back to school than use the money for myself.  :)  We had a BLAST! 

Alayna got her face painted

They went on rides!

They won goldfish! :)

Just lounging around together

Look at the ponys!

Alayna rode the pony! "Elmo" was his name.

Petting zoo!!