Sep 22, 2010

Sometimes I wish I was "The Bachelorette" material!

I absolutely love The Bachelorette.  That show is one of the best reality shows on TV!  Now, I'm a single mom and there are times where I really think being on that show would be beneficial.  (Despite the staged heart breaks, cheaters they throw in there and people who are just plain kooks!!)  Oh, and I'm also not skinny, beautiful and model material; which all of the Bachelorettes are..  I guess I'll just have to stick to the traditional way of finding a man...  Though it's nice to dream!

Since I love to dream and love to think about what my perfect man would be like, when I saw Mama Kat's blogging prompt of "50 things in a perfect man", I couldn't help but blog about it! (Even though it's a few weeks late!! lol)

  1. Someone who loves me
  2. ...And my children
  3. Someone who wants at least 1 more child. (I want to try for a boy!)\
  4. Someone who has a hot car. (No broken down old cars..) 
  5. Someone who cooks (I may burn the house down someday with my cooking.)
  6. Someone who cleans (God knows, I hate cleaning!)
  7. Having money would be a total plus. (SAHM and SAHD?)
  8. Look like Tom Cruise (or Justin from the Bachelorette)
  9. Must not be a jerk like Justin from Bachelorette
  10. Must not cheat on me. (That's asking for castration!)
  11. Must play an instrument (Guitars or drums are hot)
  12. + / or sing
  13. Must tell me I don't look fat. (That's always the right answer to that question!)
  14. Must like Guitar Hero & is good enough to play against me!
  15. ..or Dance Dance Revolution
  16. Must like to eat out (and pay)
  17. Must like Broadway shows.
  18. Must like to text or BBM
  19. Someone who doesn't care that my musical interests include some very geeky and old artists that people make fun of.
  20. Someone who will go to those concerts with me.
  21. Loves to travel is a plus.  I love road trips...especially to those concerts.
  22. A family man.
  23. Must love putting kids to sleep, because I sure don't.
  24. Must love shopping.
  25. Must buy me at least ONE purse per year for Holidays. (Coach purses are a plus.)
  26. Must be impulsive.
  27. Must love roller coasters.
  28. ... & water parks
  29. Must have a good body
  30. Must put up with my blogging addiction.
  31. Must love to entertain guests!
  32. Loving going to kids shows and concerts is a plus. (I promise, Imagination Movers is very catchy and addicting.)
  33. Be romantic - Flowers, surprise candlight dinners, you get the picture..)
  34. Must be handy -- I can't repair shit!
  35. Has to want to buy a house & have good credit to do so.  God knows I can't get a mortgage.  (Thanks student loans!)
  36. You have to like the Bachelor & Bachelorette AND watch the shows without making snide remarks.
  37. You have to love animals.
  38. Love letters - Enough said.
  39. Must not want to live in New Jersey your entire life!
  40. Must have good arms --I'm a sucker for arms.
  41. Must accept that I use my Blackberry a lot.  You never know when a blogging opportunity may come my way!
  42. Must uderstand that at any given moment, my friends may call and I may impulsively head to NYC.
  43. Must understand that we may frequent the same Broaway show more than once...or more than 10 times.
  44. ....And stand outside the stage door after the performance. (Even if it's 20 below or 100 degrees.  I've done it!)
  45. Must love my friends
  46. Mus have a steady job
  47. Must love to take pictures and be in pictures!
  48. Must support my dream of opening a brick and mortar store.
  49. ...Someone who can help that dream come true
  50. Someone who loves my family.