Sep 13, 2010

I caved. I'm now a Droid Girl...

I have been a loyal Blackberry user since 2006 and I have never strayed. (Except for signing up for AT&T and also getting the iPhone, but I still had my Blackberry! lol)  My loyalty to Blackberry was for many reasons and even though it's many flaws and many bugs, I loved my phones.  My last Blackberry was the first Blackberry Storm.  That was one of my favorite phones until the normal wear and tear and age got to it.  Lagging, freezing up, rebooting on me, saying the memory was full and frustrating me beyond belief.  That's when I knew it was time for a change.

With researching and going to the Verizon store frequently to speak to it's agents, I came to the conclusion that the Droid X was the phone to switch to.  I wasn't sure, as much as I loved the Storm, if I could use the Storm2 and have to deal with pressing the screen to type and all of the Blackberry bugs.  The reviews on the Droid X were amazing as well as the design, the graphics and everything about it.  I was in love.  So last Tuesday, I switched.

My Droid X (as pictured above) is the best.  I'm in love with it now that I have had it for a week.  The ease to type, the Swype feature, the apps, the widgets... Everything about it is just amazing.  I really thought the transition from Blackberry Storm to Droid X would be terrible and oh-so-difficult, but it really wasn't.  It was a smooth and very well deserved transition.  It is now my little trusty sidekick. :)  (Not to mention the great deal Best Buy Mobile gave me!  $199 + $30 for the Shield screen protector AND a hard gel case.  That alone is over $55!)  My phone is my new love and I do highly suggest it to anyone who is looking for a new upgrade with Verizon Wireless. :)

I really want to write a post within the next few weeks with some tips that I have learned and some great apps that I have found.  I will hopefully get that up next week but with my daughter and school and activities, things are all busy and hectic here! Ha.

All opinions noted in this post are mine and mine alone.  I was not compensated at all for this post and paid for the phone, accessories & contract all on my own.  I was not asked by Verizon Wireless or Motorola to post this review.  I decided to do it out of the goodness of my heart and love for my phone.