Sep 1, 2010

Five important lessons every kid should learn.

As parents, we want our children to get the most out of what we teach them and we also want them to get along well in life by what we teach them.  When children are young they're like sponges; they absorb absolutely everything around them and everything we teach them.  Their young minds are eager to learn.  There are many lessons that our children should learn, but these are a few that I find are very important for present and future.

1. Children need to learn responsibility. Some children depend on their parents for everything and that is OK in some cases, however children do need to learn responsibility early on when they want to learn.  Give your children some age appropriate chores.  You can give them an allowance or small reward if you desire, but make sure they don't learn to depend on the reward/allowance and make sure they learn WHY they're doing the chores.  You don't want them doing the chores half heartedly.  Teach them that responsibility is something they're going to have their entire lives.  Independence will eventually be very important.

2. Respect.  I was a child that was bullied and it made my life a living hell.  I think all parents should teach their child respect and the importance of including all types of children into their activities and friendships.  There is no reason for excluding others because they are different.  No two children are exactly alike.  Children definitely pick on others for absolutely no reason, and I believe that if more parents taught their children the importance of respect for others there would be less bullied kids.  

3. You have to like yourself for others to like you.  Confidence is extremely important in life and extremely important to learn while you're young.  It will carry on throughout your entire life.  Teach your children to love themselves just the way they are.  I was always taught that if you carry yourself with confidence it will help you in your school work, activities, career path as well as general success.  Believe in yourself.

4. Parents aren't trying to be the bad guy.  If we say no to something, it's because we know better.  We're not trying to be mean.  I remember when I was a child and my mom would be overprotective -- I would tell her she hated me, I would say terrible things that I'm sure every daughter must say to their mothers at least once in their lives.  I never realized that parents are overprotective just because they love their children and are doing all they can to protect them from danger and from mistakes that they themselves have made in the past.

5. The importance of saving money and financial stability.  Starting early is important for the future.  Teach your children how they get money by working for it and teach them that working and saving their money is important for getting things they'd like to have.  You can start to teach them by dividing up their allowances and birthday money into a few separate envelopes.  (Possibly a saving envelope, a pocket money envelope and an envelope to go into the bank.)  Once they start to see the money add up, they will want to keep on adding to those envelopes.  Teach them that the way they have TV, phone service, internet, etc... is to pay the bills monthly.  It's also very important to teach them about credit cards and make sure they know that the money they spend with a credit card they DO have to pay back.  As a child, I thought a credit card was plastic money.  I thought it was basically free and we never had to use our real money for it.  

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