Aug 30, 2010

Monday Miscellany - Injuries, Life and Back to School!

I strained my Achilles tendon.  For the longest time I've had a lingering pain there but today it flamed up so badly.  My ankle is swollen and my ankle feels tight as well as extreme pain when I step on it.  I did some research and it says that it can just start to flare up from an injury up to 3 weeks ago.  I'm thinking I injured it when I fell over the curb and scraped up my knee two weeks ago.  The pain probably just started to get worse for some reason.  I haven't tripped or fell recently except for that.  It must be it.  I'm trying to rest as much as possible because it is my right leg and I do need to drive to get around since I am the only one who drives around here... I just hope it gets better soon.  Bad part: My mom just threw out our crutches last week. lol

My daughter starts school very soon!  She's going to be in pre school and we're still waiting to get her uniforms.  I can't believe that public school needs uniforms.  Life was so much easier when I was in public school.  We didn't need uniforms and we could wear whatever we wanted. lol  The good thing is, we have all of her school supplies and her backpack already all done.  The uniform is the only thing we're waiting for till last minute because of money... I wish they would allow us to let them wear their own clothes.  If I wanted to spend tons of money and wanted her to wear a uniform, I'd send her to private school not public. *sigh*  Does any of your kids go to public school and wear a uniform?

I'm getting so tired of being alone and wanting to find someone to date and be with long term.  Sometimes I get like this but I feel like I'm getting older and I feel like maybe some of my depression is coming from the fact that besides my kids and my mom (whom I love, don't get me wrong) I'm lonely.  It's just hard to find someone when you have to be so selective and so picky because of my girls.  I have to find someone who likes me and my kids.  Eventually I will... I just needed to vent. :)

The heat is back! Today it was 101 degrees.  I thought the heat was over because we had a few 60/70 degree days.  I was getting excited that fall was starting to begin, but now they're saying we're going to have a bad Indian Summer...  I'm not liking the sound of that AT ALL.  I wish it was just cool so I don't have to worry about having no air conditioning in my car.