Aug 26, 2010

You'd be surprised to know...

THAT I USED TO BE SHY - (and still am around new people.)  I used to be terribly shy.  Hiding behind my mother shy, curling up into a proverbial ball whenever I had to talk to almost everyone.  Freezing up whenever I had to speak publicly or even out in class.

I USED TO LEAD A VERY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - True!  Before I went away to college, I went on the Atkins diet and lost 80 pounds.  Even after I went to college and went off the diet, I went to the gym 5 days a week and ate healthy and vegetarian options at college.

I AM DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS AND MOSQUITOS -  When I get stung by a bee I swell up and start to not be able to breathe.  As a child, it happened twice.  My allergist never gave me an eppi pen because she said that contact with bees doesn't happen to often.  Yeah. well, I'd rather be safe than sorry!  With mosquitos, I swell up in the area of the bite and it's alway too painful and red to the touch.  Alayna inherited my bee and mosquito allergies.

ALAYNA WAS AN 8LB 7OZ PREEMIE -  That's right.  I said preemie.  She was born at nearly 35 weeks because of my pre eclampsia and low fluid level.  Yes, my dates were 100% correct too.  She stayed in the hospital for over a month in the NICU because of feeding problems and digestive issues.  She was the biggest preemie there.  Her isolette neighbor was a 1lb 30 week preemie named Sophia.

IN 5TH GRADE I HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - It stemmed from verbal abuse (on me and another adopted student) from a teacher.  The breakdown was so bad.  I was put into counseling and my mom took me out of the school I was in. Unfortunately, my classmate didn't speak out about his verbal abuse until a year later.  No action was taken until then.  She was then suspended.

-  People actually find this shocking.  They tell me that I look natural as a blonde.  I think if I read between the lines, they're really saying I act like a blonde!! :D

I CAN SING - All my life I wanted to be a singer.  People tell me I have a great voice.  I had taken voice lessons for years and performed solos in High School many times.  Since kindergarten I have been in choirs and singing groups.  I just choose not to sing publicly anymore for many personal reasons.  A friend and I, in HS, had a singing group called necessity.  We performed at a few NJ schools.