Aug 29, 2010

Getting To Know You by MannLand5... Sun 08/29/2010

1. If you accidently knick a car in a parking lot..Do you leave a note or do you get the heck out of there?  

I've actually never done this, but if I ever accidentally tapped or slightly hit a car in a parking lot and I saw that it didn't leave any mark, I would just get the heck out of there.  IMO, there is no need to leave a note unless their is damage and the person is nowhere to be found.  I have, however, accidentally opened my door too wide and it hit into the car next to me.  In that case, I don't say anything because I see people do it all the time.  I don't think there is etiquette for that!  Usually, it's because the dumbass next to you pulled in the spot too far to one side. :D

2. Love your body or plastic surgery?

If I had the money (or won the lottery) I would get lipo, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and implants.  Yes, I know... I am fairly happy with myself but those things are the only things I struggle with!!  (I don't have the money and probably won't ever win the lottery, so my body is safe!)

3. What about your favorite blog(s) continues to drive you back?

Content, design, the friendliness of the blogger.  Basically, if I like a blog the design should catch my eye and the content should be well written as well as diverse.  Sure I love to read about adorable kids doing adorable things, who doesn't? Hell, I post about my kids A LOT on my blog, but I feel that a good blog has a mix of personal and editorial content. :)

4. What percent of your blog is BS just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is?

Absolutely none of it.  Well, maybe the part about me being super woman, super mom and wearing my underwear on the outside of my tights... Yes folks, I am 100% human and am NOT infallible... *gasp!*

5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pork...hands down. 

6. How often to you eat out?

Once a week.  My friend and I, usually on Tuesday nights, go out to eat somewhere cheap.  We don't like to spend too much money on food.  I actually love to go out to eat.  When I eat home it's the same old stuff that we always have. lol I like diversity.

7. Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

Skinny cut.  They make my legs look longer.

8. If you caught your spouse cheating would you forgive, divorce, or plan your kill?

Plan my kill.  Ha!!  There is NO excuse for cheating.  I've forgiven a cheater before (my ex fiance) and it's really not worth it.  You just live in fear that they will do that again and that is absolutely NO way to live.  Especially if you love someone.  You need to trust them.