Aug 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY TWELVE - Something you are OCD about

There are a few things I am OCD about.  It's pretty funny because it's so annoying to me I go crazy. 

1. When I was in school and the teacher would erase the board, do you remember how sometimes they leave little chalk marks when they don't erase it completely?  That would drive me incredibly nuts.  I actually wouldn't be able to concentrate because the teacher forgot to erase a tiny piece of a word that she wrote.  It actually drove me crazy to the point of having to ask him/her if she could erase it completely.  I'm not kidding!!  It was pretty bad! lol
2.  I have to have things in even amounts.  M&Ms, chicken nuggets, fries, I'M NOT KIDDING!  lol  If I have 3 M&Ms, I will go crazy.  I eat them in twos too so I still have an even amount.  

3.  When I'm a passenger in a car, I have to count the number of cars going past me or the number of dotted lines in the middle of the street.  I don't know why, but I have to count them.  I learned to completely distract myself so I don't have to do that anymore and since I'm mostly driving now, I don't do it very frequently anymore.
OCD is very annoying and does disrupt your life or concentration.  As much as people say it isn't a disorder, it really is.  It really cut my concentration when I was in school and annoyed me even when I had to count the cars/lines because I didn't want to do it.  My brain kept tricking me that I had to, though.  It sucks!!  I never was on medication for OCD because my mom never believed that it was actually a disorder that needed to be medicated, but it drove me nuts.  

My 2 year old is OCD that she has to wash her hands every 5 minutes.  I'm serious, every 5 minutes like clockwork she's in the bathroom washing her hands again!  My 4 year old has to have things in order.  If she's playing with her figurines they have to be in a straight line.  If you move one of them out of line she freaks out.  If she's drawing, her crayons need to be in a straight line and the paper needs to be in a stack where none are sticking out.  She organizes everything neatly, which drives ME crazy! LOL  I wish that OCD would continue to her cleaning her room when it's a mess, but she doesn't have the patience for that.