Aug 9, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY NINE - A Photo You Took

I took this picture when a friend and I decided to take a walk through Central Park.  It was such a beautiful day, warm but not too warm with all the trees and nature.  It was very calm and peaceful despite all of the people.  I just love Central Park because of so many things.  Independent musicians playing their instruments throughout the park, ice cream and hot dog vendors selling their delicious food and the scent of the food while you pass the carts.  

There are some photos that I take that I absolutely love and this was one of them.  It just looks so calm and peaceful with the water in the front and the famous Bow Bridge int he distance.  The sun bouncing off the water and shadowing the trees and foreground is just such a good contrast...  I love this photo! It's a great memory of a fun (but tiring!) day!