Aug 1, 2010

Get To Know Me Sunday b y MannLand5

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for?  Probably the most patient mom of the year.  With two girls it's so hard to keep everything clean and keep everyone happy.  I used to clean my living room and the girls room every single time they messed it up, but that can't happen anymore!!  They end up messing the rooms up way too often and if I tried to clean everytime there was a mess, that's all I would be doing all day!  Now I just wade through it until they go to bed...then I clean.  (Sometimes...)  There are days when I just wait to the morning to clean.  I frequently find it's useless because they just mess it up the following day anyway.  Figuring, maybe when they're teenagers I can have a clean house!

2. What is your shoe style?  ANYTHING COMFORTABLE!  I love heels, but I can't wear them for long periods of time.  The only way I can wear them is if they're very comfortable, which is rare to find.  I love gladiator sandals or flip flops with cute things on them.  For sneakers, I love anything white and pink or white and purple.  I'm a girl...what can I tell you??  But I don't wear sneakers often.  More often I wear smaller heels, flip flops or ballet flats. 

3. Does your car reflect your personality?  My new car does!!  Hanging from the rear view mirror is my favorite air freshener and the necklace my daughter made me when she went to a craft program.  My floor mats are black and pink with flowers and my car has everything in it that is totally me.  My old car was not anything near what I am, but my new car is totally me.  :)

4. If you could take over someones body for a day...whose would you choose?  Someone who has a great body and is gorgeous.  I'd love to know what it feels like to be skinny and sexy for just one day!

5. Love or be loved?  Totally be loved. :)

6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose?  SALAD BAR FROM RUBYS!!!

7. Have you been on vacation this Summer, if so where?  I went on a few day trips and road trips but that's it!  I can't really afford long vacations, so this is great for me.  I get to spend time with my family, friends and kids. :)

8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure?  Fried oreos..Hands down.