Jul 31, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY TWO/THREE - Favorite Movies & TV Show

I'm slackin already! LOL  Yesterday was busy for me, so I didn't get to post.  Actually, I had it written out and saved, but Blogger decided to delete the entire post.  I need to make the switch to wordpress, but I'm PETRIFIED of losing everything.  I probably need to get over that fear! lol

30 Day Blog Journal Day 2
Your Favorite Movies
Favorites ALWAYS get me because I don't really have just one favorite.  I have a few favorite movies, songs, tv shows and so on.  I'm just going to list everything I love! :)  (Well, not everything, but close to it!)
I don't really have time to watch movies honestly.  If I do, it's usually Lifetime movies or whatever shows on HBO, Showtime, etc...  Having two kids really makes watching movies hard. (Except if they're Disney movies! LOL)  But I do have favorite movies none the less!!  Here they are! (In no particular order.)
Finding Nemo

 I used to be OBSESSED with this movie and I'm not quite sure why.  Actually, my nick name used to be Dory.  Yes, because I was just as clueless and forgetful as Dory is! (Sometimes!)  It's really a great movie, though.  My dorm room was decked out in Finding Nemo.  I have to post a picture someday!
On The Line

 I think every N Sync fan loved this movie.  I remember driving with my mom an hour out of my way to even be able to see it in theaters. lol  Reviews sucked on it, but I thought it was a really cute movie.  I still watch it every so often! 
Never Been Kissed

 My mom, grandma and I used to watch this movie when it was ALWAYS on cable when I was in HS.  I don't know why I love this movie either, but I just do!!  (I think the teacher is hot, btw.  LOL)
Big Daddy

 Adam Sandler + Movie = SOMETHING I LOVE!!  I think Adam Sandler is freaking GENIUS and I love his movies.  This is one of my favorites, though.
Tommy Boy

 Who doesn't love Tommy Boy?  Fat man in a little coat! LOL  This movie is just one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life.  Chris Farley was just amazing. 
A Walk To Remember 

 What female wasn't brought to tears by this movie?  I still am.  Everytime I watch it, I cry.  It never fails.  I think Shane West is gorgeous and Mandy Moore wasn't too bad in this movie.  I think the whole point of the movie was awesome.  People compare it to "Love Story", but I never liked that movie. A Walk To Remember is so good!
30 Day Blog Journal Day 3
Your Favorite TV Shows

I don't have too much time to watch TV either, but there are some shows I try to watch no matter what.  These are the shows that I just can't miss! (And if I do, I find them online to watch them the next day!!)  

I love this show.  I was always into those mysteries and forensic shows.  Even though Medium really isn't a forensic show, it is a great mystery show and keeps me guessing until I find out the real details.  This show is just really a great show and the actors are very talented and mesh together very well!  It's on CBS and Lifetime, if anyone is interested in watching it!

Castle is hot. Hands down.  :D  I don't know why, but I love this show too.  Police dramas always interest me.  I always wanted to be someone who solved mysteries like that professionally or a forensic investigator, but it's too complicated to become one!

American Idol

Another great show!  Although it's becoming very superficial and more of a popularity contest rather than a talent show, I love American Idol.  I love the auditions the most, honestly.  They keep me laughing for HOURS!  I wish I had the talent to be on this.


Who doesn't love to watch this??  The bachelor & bachelorette are so amusing.  I love to watch the drama and the tears.  It sounds mean of me, but it's the way relationships go! (Even though you don't really fall in love within 2 months! normally...)  I love to see the creepy guys/girls,the jerks, the cheaters and the people the show throws in there to stir up drama.  

Super Nanny
Sometimes I feel like writing to Supernanny to help us out! LOL  This show really gives me a lesson in the real ways to handle situations.  Some of the parents on this show, as well, are just crazy and some shouldn't even be parents!  It's amusing and informative at the same time.

Wife Swap

Pure entertainment!  Some of these families that are on this show are just so unreal!  I can't believe the people who are out there!!  None the less, it's amusing to watch two complete polar opposites swapping lives and learning each other's ways.  I would totally be on this show someday!