Jul 15, 2010

A Bachelorette post, better late than never!

If I was going to do a Bachelorette post, I should have done it late Monday night or yesterday, right?  Things went so crazy I didn't get a chance to.  I will post about the Bachelorette in just one second because I want to, but let me explain why the hell I'm posting about it now...pretty much on Thursday morning! (And I know you guys don't care, but I want to explain anyway.)

I slept for a total of 1 hour on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  I had to wake up at Midnight to get ready to go to NYC.  Why do you ask?  Because my friend and I stupidly planned to get to NYC at 2 am to wait in line for standby tickets to "The View" on Tuesday.  Now, usually we wouldn't go that early, we'd get there by 4 and usually it wouldn't be a stupid idea because we'd totally get in.  I say we're stupid because we were going to see Clay Aiken.  We KNEW Bret Michaels was going to be there and didn't think anything of it.  In fact, when we got there at 2 am, we were actually the 7th and 8th people online.  I guess they also didn't realize how absurdly popular Bret Michaels is either...

Needless to say... we didn't get in.   No standbys got in and they actually had to turn away ticket holders. *smack*  How stupid could we be to realize that if Bret Michaels, who has a large fanbase and Clay Aiken, who also has a large fan base, were going to be there -- we wouldn't really have a chance.  And I couldn't even say I had fun waiting... Well, I did until about 9 am.

At 9 am we walked to Starbucks because the peasant standbys can't wait with the royal ticket holders.  We had to come back at 9:45.  I ordered a yummy Caramel Frap and while I was sitting there with my friend, minding my own business, I started to get these terrible pains.  Everything hurt.  My back, my chest, my side.  Now, I've had this before and it was either 1. Appendix pain radiating or 2. Gallbladder pain that happens about twice a year for me.  Wishful thinking for me, it was the latter.  However, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I was doubled over in pain.  My friend, God bless her, was so nice and so helpful.  I texted her to get me some apple juice and she did.  I sipped that as we walked back to the studio and it did get better at some points, then started painfully starting up again.  Honestly, I was thankful when they told us we didn't get in at that point.  I was back and forth in so much pain, my friend had to drive me home.  I went back to NYC later that day and picked up my car when I felt better.  Honestly, I was in pain from 9 am until about 3 pm.  It was terrible.  When I got home I was doubled over in bed with the pain.  

That's my excuse for not making a Bachelorette post sooner. Ha!

As I'm sure everyone agrees, Kirk had no chance after the hometown date.  The second his creepy-ass father asked Ali to "go to his basement" (which is a pretty creepy statement in general!!) he was doomed to lose this.  I don't care how hot the guy is, if he had a father that sort of reminded me of a serial killer and had dead animals in his basement which he stuffed and hung on the wall,(Or in technical terms - Taxidermy...)  I would never date him.  As the old saying goes, you don't just marry someone, you marry their families too.  I'd be a fucking lunatic if I married into a taxidermy family..and ones that kept dead animals AND Popsicles in the same freezer... ("Just in case they get hungry!" -- Are you FOR REAL, crazy man!?)

Between Roberto and Chris, I would really choose Chris as the favorite for the hometown dates.  Roberto is hot and sexy and looks damn good in a baseball uniform, but I get the feeling his family doesn't think Ali's good enough for him.  I'm not sure if Ali picked up on it because Roberto is just so damn hot (did I mention he's sexy?) but I'm sure it's pretty obvious by the way they were acting.  They seem to put Roberto up on this high pedestal.  Of course, his family is sweet and loving, but I just don't get the feeling that they think she's good enough.

Now, with Chris's family, it's pretty much the perfect storybook fantasy with the happily ever after and cute little house with the picket fence.  From the first moment of their hometown date, you could see that they had an even deeper connection than before.  Hell, if he doesn't win I'LL move to Cape Cod, find him and marry him... lol  (I'm not kidding either. Don't put it past me!!)  I definitely think he has a chance.  

Frank...oh Frank...what to do with you...  How can anyone stand a man who needs constant reassurance?!  That would piss me off and he'd be out of my life faster than he'd know what hit him.  I'm not exactly sure why she keeps him around, but I can only think it's some kind of ABC initiated garbage because of the "twist" in next week's episode. (They've been promoting the "heartbreak" for weeks now, c'mon Frank...just say you're leaving already.  Because you're just an insecure bastard who needs a woman who can reassure you that she loves you every fucking minute!!)  And to think...I actually liked him... (But then again, I liked & believed Justin too....It's never a good thing when I'm attracted to someone! They're usually jerks or liars.)  

What's even worse...is I think Ali is on the same wavelength as Frank and doesn't know what HER feelings are either.  It's scary, especially this far into the episode... Pretty soon there will be two men proposing to her and she's gonna have to pick one... At least we hope she is going to.  She better not flake out!