Jul 28, 2010

Wisdom Teeth & Music!

WisHas anyone had their wisdom teeth out?

I'm pretty sure this is coming for me.  My wisdom teeth came in about 5 years ago with minimal problems.  When they first came in, I did have one problem for a couple of days with my lower left wisdom tooth.  As it came in, the left side of my face swelled up and it was pretty painful for maybe 2-3 days.  Then it stopped.  Fast forward 5 years later...
Last Saturday I woke up in quite a bit of pain with my bottom left wisdom tooth.  The gum was swollen (TMI, I know...) and it hurt to even open my mouth or swallow on that side.  Unfortunately, that was also the day I was leaving the hotel we had stayed at for a night and I had to drive home.  Excedrin was my savior because it took a lot of the pain away for my drive, but it was still very uncomfortable.  It was so swollen that I couldn't eat without almost biting down on the gum itself.  It's been basically like that since then.  (Except the swelling has gone down a bit. 

Every morning I have to do a stupid annoying and time consuming routine of rinsing with salt water to make the swelling go down, I put those Bayer Fast Acting Crystals packets directly on the tooth and let it dissolve and then a few hours later I take two Excedrin and it helps the pain for most of the entire day.  At least I can live that way temporarily, but I can't keep that up forever.

Now, I have a fear of dentists & oral surgery.  Exciting, huh?  I think it's finally time to get to the dentist and if I need my wisdom teeth out, I should go for it.  I have a low threshold for pain.  It's terrible how cranky I am until the pain goes away.  I'm just petrified beyond belief!!


Last night was the Hanson concert that I went to and I had so much fun!  I've been a fan since 1997, making it the band I have been a fan of for the longest. :)  I love Hanson and always will.  The one thing I have to complain about, is that I hate general admission concerts.  Firstly, getting there hours before the concert starts just to get in is not my piece of cake!  Especially in 100 degree weather with sun beating down on you.  At least the people who were waiting near us were very nice and very talkative.  It made the time go by a little quicker than it normally would.  Secondly, the people in back of me at the concert itself were VERY ANNOYING!  They were making fun of everyone who was around them and she kept trying to squeeze in next to me.  Now, we ended up being 3 people from the stage so she was 4th in back of me.  I think 4th is pretty damn good.  Why the hell do you have to try to squeeze your ass in next to me when there's no room at all.  Then, as she's trying to squeeze in next to me, she's blaming me for pushing her.  I wasn't pushing her at all, I was simply STANDING IN MY SPOT THAT WASN'T HERS!  Excuse me, if you're short and you get stuck in back of someone who's taller than you at a general admission concert, don't complain.  There's always that risk if you're short.  Was she thinking that because she was short I would have compassion for her?  Not when she's acting like a complete prissy bitch behind me.  Yeah, no thanks.  None the less, I enjoyed myself.  :)  I took too many pictures, which are on my Facebook, but here are a few.