Jul 19, 2010


I've professed my undying love and devotion for my point and shoot Samsung Dual View (TL220) camera many times in the past on here. I bought it a few months ago when my Canon Cyber Shot flaked out on me and decided to not work with the LCD screen anymore.  This camera has gone everywhere with me and it even has a nice little padded case.  I'm always so careful with this camera...until today.  

This afternoon I was taking pictures and uploading everything for my Energizer Smart ChargHER Blogher post and when I was done I left it on the kitchen table next to my laptop.  Unfortunately, we were in a rush to get to Kohls this afternoon, so I left the case next to it.  That usually wouldn't be a big deal because we were all going out and I figured when I got home I would just put it into the case and back into my purse.

My mom notified me on the way home that we needed apple juice and toilet paper and Olivia was screaming and throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn't get a toy she wanted at Kohls, so instead of driving to the grocery store with the temper tantrum and leaving my mom in the car with miss moody, I decided to drop them off home and head to the grocery store myself.  It's not fun to go to the store with a cranky, crying two year old in tow and I wouldn't put my mom through the horror of sitting in a confined space (my car) with miss attitude.  I dropped them off and headed back out to the grocery store.

Do you see where this post is heading?

I get a call from my mom while I'm in the grocery store.  It was about 5 minutes after I left home to go back out and get the few things we needed from the store. 

"Now, don't get angry when I tell you this..." She said and stopped after she said that.  I guess looking for an answer from me.  I have learned that whenever something starts off like that, it isn't a good thing. I said nothing. lol

"Olivia was in the kitchen and touched your camera.  I don't know what she did, she may have deleted something."  

Whew...at least she only may have deleted something.

I told my mom that I'd deal with it when I got home and she could just put it on the counter or somewhere out of reach.  So she did.  Only I should have realized, my mom isn't tech savvy.  She doesn't use a camera or know how to use a camera.  

When I got home I went to get my camera only to find out that THE SHUTTER WOULDN'T CLOSE AND THE ZOOM WON'T GO BACK IN.  I cried...no, really...I did cry.  

Not even thinking, I put the camera back in the box and drove to Best Buy, where I got it from.  I swore that I had the credit card with me I bought it with, but after waiting on the returns line for 15 minutes, I realized I didn't have it with me.  (I don't just leave credit cards at home, I don't use this one anymore. lol)  The woman at customer service said they wouldn't be able to do anything without the receipt or without the credit card.  I figured I would go back in the morning with the credit card I had bought it with.

A lightbulb went off in my head on the way home, that maybe I could fix this myself.  Krissy: THE QUEEN OF THINKING SHE CAN DO THINGS HERSELF WHEN REALLY, SHE PROBABLY CAN'T... That' me, that should be my title.  The 'wannabe' tech and repair DIY.  Even so, I googled it and found a website that had a few steps to fix this on ANY camera.  

Tried a few of them and up to step 5 didn't work.  I was losing hope quickly and figured I would jsut have to send it into Samsung and hope they can replace it.  Number 6 was my last hope and I was silently praying and hoping that it would work.  They told me to do this:

Plug the camera into the wall power source and turn it on.  

So I did...the camera went on, that was an improvement.  Then they said to try to press the zoom back and forth.  So I did...


My zoom went in and out and the shutter/zoom extended and went back in.  I shut the camera off and it went back to it's normal ways.  At this point, I wanted to marry the person who had written that on their website.  I wanted to e-mail them and profess my undying love and devotion to them...only I didn't.  I figured that wouldn't be appropriate from someone who just learned how to fix their camera from their instructions...  And no, I'm not THAT desperate to find love. lol

I'm just happy it worked.  I would have been stuck without a camera if it didn't.  (And I'm one who LOVES to take pictures of everything.)  

Moral of this story:  (There are two)

#1.  NO OBJECT is safe from a nosy 2 year old.  No matter how many times you tell them not to touch things and no matter how much you think they  may understand, don't leave precious electronics where kids can get them.  (I should have known this from when Alayna, as a 2 year old, decided to see if my phone could swim...in the toilet...)  

#2.  If your zoom ever gets stuck extended, plug your camera into the wall power source and try to power the camera on.  When it goes on, if it goes on, try to move the zoom back and forth.  If it worked for me, it may work for you!!