Jul 11, 2010

I wanna be a Toys R Us Mom!

This whole weekend, starting yesterday, was a grand opening of a new Toys R Us/Babies R Us in NJ.  It was 45 minutes away, but since I now have a good car and since I saw all that was happening there, we decided to take a little ride.  We found out that Barbie, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Martha Speaks and Geoffrey were gonna be there...  Alayna was so excited to meet them all!!  Unfortunately, Olivia had to go to her dad's this weekend and couldn't come with us!  

The first one we met when we walked in the door was Princess Barbie.  Alayna was so extremely excited and starstruck.  "That's THE Barbie!!!" she said to me when we walked in.  She was a little hesitant to go up because she said that Barbie is so much prettier than her and she couldn't believe she was going to meet THE Barbie. lol  But she did.  She also gave Barbie a picture that she made for her.  Alayna was beaming and couldn't wait to see the pictures.  That picture was printed off ASAP and is now hanging in her room.

Next, as we were walking through the aisles looking for things to purchase (OF COURSE, they have to give you this coupon that's a "surprise" coupon.  You don't know how much it is until you go to the register.  Lovely...but it makes you want to buy stuff...!!) We find Geoffrey the Giraffe.  Now, Alayna has always been a little frightened but extremely interested in Geoffrey.  Short story -- When Alayna was 2 months old, we were at Babies R Us buying some things and a modeling scout from Toys R Us comes up to us and asks if we want Alayna to be in a baby fashion show.  We accepted and it was a very exciting experience for us all.  However, Geoffrey was there...and Alayna screamed her little 2 month old head off.  The same almost happened today...when she's 4... lol  Of course, she wanted a picture but said that Mommy had to be in the picture with her... SO I was....

She also met Martha from the PBS show Martha Speaks.  That show is actually really cute, but I didn't know it was that well known.  We just found it one day while watching PBS kids in the afternoon! lol

LAST BUT NOT LEAST....when Alayna saw this one she nearly peed her pants excited. (I'm not even kidding.  This was right up there with meeting Barbie.)  We saw Wow Wow Wubbzy while we were walking to the register.  Alayna was so excited to be meeting someone she watches on TV multiple times a day!  She told Wubbzy (him? her?) that she collects his/her DVDs...which is very true.  She has every one of them. 

Our coupon wasn't much, just 15% off, but at least it's some savings.  Alayna was excited to get a Zhu Zhu pets lunch box and back pack for school in September. :)  *tear*  I can't believe my little baby is already getting ready to go to school.  It's really unbelievable!

We finished off the day by a nice trip to Arbys.  (Mommy's favorite fast food place!)

Tomorrow, we're headed to the shore!  We can't wait. Olivia should be home by 8:30 am and then we're heading to pick one of my friend's up and on our way! The girls are so excited.