Jul 16, 2010

Another great Friday!! Social Parade and other friday follows!

We LOVE Fridays!
Who doesn't?

The weeks seem to be flying by so quickly and summer is slowly disappearing right in front of our eyes!  Of course, I'm excited time is flying because my mini vacation is nearing in the beginning of August, but soon we'll be trading in our bathing suits and vacations/daycations for early mornings with our kids, getting them to school, fighting over homework... Ahh, the joys.  I actually like the downtime of summer.  Though I'm not too fond of the heat wave we have been having -- I've never been a huge fan of the heat.

Fridays in bloggy land are great days.  They're days that we get to read some new blogs and meet some new people!  Not to mention possibly gain some new readers and reach your blog out to people who wouldn't have known it if it wasn't for Friday Follow, Social Parade, Fucked up Friday Follow and all of the other great blog hops!  

My name is Krissy and I'm a writer, blogger, artist, single mommy and super woman!!  I multi task, have eyes in the back of my head, and can flip pancakes at the same time that I'm getting my youngest daughter out of mischief!  Damn, I really need a cape and to wear my underwear on the outside of my tights... I also need a super kick ass logo on the front of my super woman leotards...

As a single mom of two rebellious girls who love to push their limits and try to stay up later and later each night, I hardly get any sleep.  Why, I'm super woman!  I can definitely run on only two hours of sleep!  Well, sometimes.  There are days you can walk into my house and well, not be able to walk in without treading through a flood of toys.  Those are the days that I just give up.  Honestly, I do try to keep up with the storm that we call hurricane Olivia and Alayna, but I'm sure every mom gives up after cleaning one room 9 times in one day.  

We have a 6 year old Teacup Yorkie with infertility problems and paranoia.  No, I'm 100% serious about this.  Pixi is my little furbaby and I love her to death.  I must love her to clean up her pee pees and poo poos multiple times daily.  Because of her paranoia of outside and paranoia of doing her business out there, I disinfect the floor daily.  Lysol, Pine Sol and other disinfectants are definitely frequented in our house.  (I was told by our vet that her paranoia is normal.  Are you serious? My dog is afraid of pissing and shitting outside? Excuse my language.)  

If I come off as a bitch sometimes, that's because I'm dieting.  Yes, I'm currently a recovering fat girl who lost almost 30lbs since this round of dieting and almost 70lbs overall.  I'm trying to find my inner skinny girl that I know is there.  I used to hide behind my weight and walk around without any confidence.  Screw that.  If people don't like me, it's their loss.  I've finally started doing something for ME and even though I may get bitchy when I get cravings and have to deny myself, I'm very happy that I am gaining the will power and accomplishing my goals one pound at a time.  

Reading new blogs and meeting new people are two things that I love to do.  Definitely do leave your mark in my comments and I'll visit you back! :)  I'm definitely an insomniac sometimes, so reading blogs = something to keep me busy when I can't sleep!