Jul 19, 2010

The Artsy Mom is a Smart ChargHER and should power BlogHER 2010!

How badly do I want to go to BlogHer?  I don't even know if I can describe how much I want to go.  Why do I want to go to BlogHer?  Because I've heard so many great things about what you learn and what you take away from the experience.  For me, Blogging is a past time and hobby, but it's also a very important part of my life.  Expressing my feelings through words and blogs helps me cope with depression and definitely helps me feel positive about doing so.  What I have always said is: "If I can help one person through something I write, I've done my job."  And it's true --  I believe that every blogger has the chance to help someone else.  That's why we write about our good days, our bad days and all the in between.  I really am in love with blogging.

I know there is a whole other side of blogging that I'm not too savvy with; the business side.  Of course, I have had some exposure through companies who like my blog enough for me to test out their products and write my opinions and reviews.  I enjoy that, but there is more to blogging that I don't quite know about and would love to learn.  I hope to learn that side from BlogHer.

My blog is quite new, being only about a year old.  I'm inspired every day by other bloggers and strive to be a great writer like some out there and I believe that improvement comes more every day I write.  Even though I'm new, I would love to go to something like this to better myself and keep on improving my blog, my writing and bettering my knowledge.

Now, I have tried quite a bit since I heard about BlogHer 2010 to acquire a sponsorship.  I feel that I have done everything in my power and exhausted every effort.  Unfortunately, my going to BlogHer isn't possible on my own.  I am a single mom of two girls and currently unemployed and self employed at the same time.  We live on savings and whatever income we get from yard sales, e-bay and my small business.  Currently, it's living from paycheck to paycheck.  As much as I would love to splurge on myself and go to BlogHer, I just can't afford it without help.  It would be great to do something for myself after years and years of putting myself out there for others.  Taking that time for myself would be a miracle and a blessing, and it would mean the world to me.

We are praying that I can get this sponsorship from Energizer.  The $2000 would do a lot.  It would allow me to comfortably go to BlogHer, it would allow me to get something for myself to wear to BlogHer that is decent and trendy, and it would allow me to be guilt free and have that time for myself.  There is so much that I would be able to do with that $2000 and the chance to go to BlogHer.  I would be eternally grateful if I had that opportunity and I believe Energizer would be happy that they were able to help someone less fortunate.  Someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck and someone who struggles to pay the bills every month.  Someone who needs that chance to correspond with and meet other bloggers and someone who deserves to do something great for herself.  

It's quite funny, ever since I told my mom and my girls about this chance I may have, they have been very supportive.  They gave me the time to hand draw my posters, Take my pictures and write this entry.  (Yes, I drew the energizer posters by hand.  Did I mention I'm an artist?)  My girls have also added into their daily prayers, "Please God, ask Energizer to pick my mommy."  They really want me to be able to go.

Alayna's poster says, "My mommy is a Smart ChargHER! Why? 
Because she keeps going and going just like the EnergizHER bunny!

I wouldn't only be going to BlogHer, but Energizer would be ENERGIZING ME!!  They'd be powering me as much as I'd be powering BlogHer.  I would also be EMpowered.  You have no idea how appreciative I would be to get this chance.  It would mean the world to me and then some.

How could the Smart Charger impact our lives?
Those who have kids know that batteries are an essential part of our lives!  Almost EVERY toy requires batteries.  If we don't have them, what do we do??  We put up with the whining until we get some!  I've tried EVERY type of battery, which I state in my video, and I have found that Energizer was THE best and worked the longest in my kids toys.  Energizer is my savior! 
The rechargable Smart Charger is amazing.  Why do I love it? Because I can keep going and going just like the energizer bunny by just recharging my batteries.  I love everything frugal, and this is the most frugal thing I have found.  To not have to keep on buying new batteries whenever we need them!  It's useful for my children's toys as well as for my camera.  If I'm on a vacation or daycation with my kids, I can plug the smart charger in just about anywhere! I can even use it in my car!  No more worries about having batteries that aren't working or only one that's working! Watch my video for more advantages of Energizer!

Here's a small video of why I should go. :) Also my experience with Energizer.

I AM a fan of Energizer on FB and I AM registered for BlogHer.