Jul 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY ONE - Your Favorite Song

I saw a post about the 30 Day Blog Journal tonight and I decided to research it because it looked very interesting.  I decided to do it even though I'm delayed on it all. :)  It just sounds like such a great way for my followers/readers to get to know me over the 30 days and it gives me a reason to blog every single day!  I think it's very important to know the person behind the blog because then a blog is more than just words on a page.  :)  

30 Day Blog Journal Day 1
Your Favorite Song

Honestly, this is probably a very hard question for me to answer.  Why?  Well, I don't have just one favorite song, I have quite a few.  They all mean different things to me for different reasons.  These are in no particular order.  Just the order that I remembered them in. :) 

Bryan Adams - Heaven (I can't find a YouTube of this that allows embedding.)

I loved this song for a long time before it became memorable to me, but the situation and story behind it is why it's important to me today.  Even though it has both a good and a bad memory attached to it, it's still something that is memorable.

My ex fiancee and I used to go to karaoke every other day with my brother. (Who is DJ)  I wouldn't sing, of course, but my ex fiance would sing a lot because it was something he always did when he was there.  The one song he would sing to me every single time we went there would be "Heaven" by Bryan Adams.  It became a very important song to me because of the emotion and importance at that point in my life.  Even though the story behind my ex and our relationship is still heartbreaking to me, and even though I couldn't listen to this song for about two years after our break up, the song is very important to me and still one of my favorites.  Because of what I've been through with that relationship, it just stands for my strength to get over my ex and be a stronger person on my own.  It may sound stupid, but the first time I was able to listen to it in it's entirety after our breakup (that 2 years later) it made me feel proud that I was finally able to move on.

CIay Aiken - Proud of Your Boy

I don't know why I like this song so much, but I just do!  I think that every child, in a way, struggles to make their parents proud of them.  Hell, I still strive to be someone my mom will be proud of and every day I still feel like I fail at that.  This song was one that was supposed to be in Aladdin II, but was cut out for some reason.  I just like the song! (And the singer!)

Hanson - I Will Come To You

Since 1998 this song has been one of my favorite songs and even to this day, the song makes me cry.  I don't know why it's so special to me, but the song is amazing.  Just listen to it.  The lyrics are so moving.  "When you have no light to guide you, and no one to walk beside you, I will come to you.  When the night is dark and stormy, you won't have to reach out for me, I will come to you."  If you haven't heard the song, listen to it above right now.  You won't regret listening to it. :)

CIay Aiken - This Is The Night

Ever since I heard this song for the first time on American Idol, I knew this song was going to be my wedding song.  It's just one of the best songs of all time, in my mind.  I'm sure everyone has heard this song before since it was CIay's first big song besides "Invisible" and I think most people know how great the song is.  

*N Sync - This I Promise You

This is another song that I just love because I do.  I'm sure everyone (or almost everyone) has loved *N Sync at one point in their lives and this song was just one of the best that they had.  

I know I'm a dork and I know I like the geekiest music, but that's just me and that's just who I am.  I enjoy Hanson, CIay Aiken, *N Sync and all of those pop groups.  I'm proud to say that I'm a huge fan of pop music. (Even though I do like other genres as well.)  Music is something that I definitely cannot live without in my life.  It's very important to me as I am sure it is to others as well.