Jul 26, 2010

Monday Miscellany & Monday Mingle- I love Random!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I love Miscellany Monday because I can randomly write things that I wanted to write that really have nothing in common at all. :)  Let's go! 

1. Plus Size What?!
I can't stand how Plus Size starts at a size 10.  Are you serious? Plus Size?  I can't stand how those plus size stores have models that are probably a size 10 with a flat stomach and skinny arms and legs.  Come on...let's see REAL women that won't make the plus size women feel inferior!  I'm happy to say that I no longer shop at those stores and now fit in normal Juniors size clothes, but I know how I felt when I did and saw their advertisements with the skinny girls.  It drives me crazy.  It's bad enough the media makes the "perfect woman" out to be a stick thin beautiful airbrushed model.  Even Dove airbrushes and fixes their "Real Women".  

2. Imagination Movers ROCK!
Come on, aren't they the BEST kids show ever?  Maybe I'm biased because I have a secret crush on Rich and my kids absolutely LOVE the show, but it's awesome.  We watched them on The View this morning and that's what reminded me. :)  I was going to bring my kids to the show, but I wasn't sure if they would let kids in or what.  So we just watched from home.  My kids (and I) hope they go on tour again because we'd love to go! (Any other Movers Mommys reading?!)

3. Gaining Weight, thumbs down.
I haven't been caring too much about what I'm eating, which is bad.  Today I restarted caring and eating very healthy.  I felt the difference too when I splurged and ate what I wanted to.  It's only noon and I'm feeling SO much better from eating healthy. :)  Yay. I would love to lose a few more pounds within two weeks.  

4. Potty Training Update!
Olivia is more or less trained!  When she came home from her dad's house on Sunday, she had underpants on and stayed dry all day!  She did her poops and pees in the potty, and we're so proud of her.  She only wears pull ups now when it's bedtime.  Of course, we fight her on it, but we're all so proud of her for doing it!

Laugh at me, make fun of me, tell me I'm old school or a geek, but I'm so excited.  Tomorrow I'm going to Sayreville NJ to see HANSON!!! I could not be more excited and can hardly wait until we leave at 1pm tomorrow. :)  I've been a Hanson fan since 1997 and will always be one no matter how much people make fun of me! BRING IT ON!! :D  (You bet you're gonna hear about it tomorrow!)

That's all I can think of for now, but I'll update this if I have any more random moments!!

My Monday Mingle is going to be written today because #1. I look like crap. #2. I'm still in crappy clothes because I haven't unpacked my car from my weekend trip and #3.  My tooth hurts too damn bad to actually talk. (Wow, me? Not talking? What a miracle!!)

1. How many computers are in your house?

We have 3.  I have a desktop that I use occasionally, my mom has a Verizon Netbook and I have my MacBook that I use all the time and am in love with. :)  Sometimes I consider selling my desktop and just using the laptops, but Windows is good occasionally for some things.  Just not everything.  I'm so used to Apple.

2. Are you connected on the go? (via cell phone with data service, netbook, laptop, etc.)

YES!!!  I am.  I have a Blackberry Storm w/ Data Plan, iPhone w/ Data Plan, a laptop (Macbook) and a Netbook w/ Data Plan (HP).  I love my connectivity and it's very important to me.  Especially being a blogger!  My iPhone is my "business phone" for my Jewelry business as well as my blogging.  My Blackberry is for calling, texting, Yahoo, Aim, etc...

3. What is the longest amount of time you can go without the internet before missing it?

ONE DAY! LOL  The hotel that we stayed in this weekend had NO Wifi service without paying for it or being in a certain set of rooms. I tried to go without it for as long as possible, but I did end up caving and signing onto my Netbook by that night.  I love the internet, I love checking and reading blogs when I have nothing else to do and I love to blog...  How did I ever live without internet when I was a kid??