Oct 14, 2009

I made this necklace last night and I absolutely love it. I actually think it is a stretch from what I have made before because it is larger in size, but it is just gorgeous and looks gorgeous when worn! I am incredibly happy with it. You can read more about this necklace from the link above. :)

I have had such a terrible migraine for the past two days. It subsides a little, but then comes back full force. I don't know why and I wish I did. Tylenol does nothing for it and I keep forgetting to buy Motrin. Maybe it's just the heat on in the house...too much heat can give me a headache, but the heat isn't on for long when we put it on. My mom said that it is probably my contacts. I may need new contacts or maybe a new prescription. I can believe that. They have been bothering me.

Tomorrow is a full day. I have to do things around here pertaining to our big move coming up (whenever we find a place) and I also have to work on the shop. I got a lot of great Halloween things to add, they just need to be fixed! :)


The Hempsphere said...

Oh my gosh this is sooo pretty! Good job!