Oct 13, 2009


I came upon the, "Quit Your Day Job" series on Etsy earlier today. Reading that made me realize that maybe I CAN actually get along and support a family with what I make and find. Vintage and handmade are two of my loves and if I can quit my day job as well and honestly feel comfortable with just creating and selling, it would be amazing. My ultimate dream is to open a brick and mortar shop. I actually already have picked the location it will be. It is this small little "island" in the middle of our city's most busy street. The shop is so small and petite and though everyone says it is cursed because nothing that opens there stays more than 2 months, I feel it is the right place for my shop. Though, that move will have to come if I ever win the lottery. LOL I could never get a B&M place without that! It's nice to dream.

Tomorrow I have to try to find the charger for my amazing Canon DSLR. My mom had it and misplaced it somewhere. It frustrates me that she lost it, because a new charger for that damn camera costs about $30. I guess I could find a generic battery charger at Staples, but I wish I had the one I had gotten with the camera. I don't need to spend the extra money if I don't have to. (BUT I DIGRESS) I really feel that I need to fix my pictures in my shop. My Canon S5 does it's best, but I believe maybe I should try my DSLR. It may give me better macro settings. I'm going to try, from now on, to completely revamp my shop and make things PERFECT.

I am exhausted and been sleeping most of the day. I had and still have a TERRIBLE migraine. :( Though I did get one necklace done. I love it and will tell the story of it and photograph it tomorrow.