Oct 17, 2009

Such a sad sad camera day. :(

My best friend, my Canon S5 is about to bite the dust. It has survived so much and put up a good fight! lol It's survived my dropping it on the sidewalks of NYC about 40 times, my kids dropping it when accidentally getting a hold of it, it has survived SO much. The view screen is cracked and was working for a while, but the other day walking in the rain probably screwed that up. The view screen no longer works. The video function works but is very spotty when you take videos, the audio is messed up. BUT!!! When you hold the camera up to your eye the traditional way, it does work. Not the best, but still it works. I'm still going to keep my beloved Canon, but I do need another camera that works well with photographing my pieces. I do have a Canon Rebel XTi, but my mom misplaced that camera charger. So I am unable to use that until I get a charger. I still love to carry a camera on me if I am going out, so I need something smaller. I am not exactly sure what to get. I was looking on Home Shopping Network (that's where I got my Canon S5 from on flexpay!) and I found this Samsung DualView that looks pretty cool! I can do 4 payments of $74.98 for that. I am considering that. :) Ther is also a Kodak Z195 that's $59 for 3 payments. I used to have that camera before I upgraded to my Canon and I loved it! There are some others including a Fujifilm DSLR "Style" Camera that is not a DSLR, but takes DSLR quality photos. Maybe I'll go with something like that, though I am not sure yet.

I stayed up until 4 am getting a few new pieces done. Three are halloween-oriented and the other isn't. The last bracelet took 5 painstaking hours. It was the wire wrapping and making sure everything was the right measurements. I also had to adjust the clasp because It was a 4 strand clasp and I only made a 2 strand necklace. :) I'm excited to list my halloween items and the GORGEOUS bracelet I made. I'm inspired so I probably can crank out 4 more today. :)

Here's to hoping for another sale! (I got one yesterday too! Weeeee!)