Oct 27, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!

Yesterday I was so into my relaxation and Cinnamon Tea I completely forgot about the fun we had yesterday when the kids were actually calm. LOL We carved pumpkins. We carved one traditional one, that I think looks like a cat without whiskers, and then I carved a Cinderella one. Keep in mind, I did this without a template, completely on my own. I know it looks only somewhat like Cinderella, but my kids think it does and that's all that matters to me! I think I did a pretty damn good job. Now if I could only paint it blue and flesh colored with the yellow hair, I would make a great pumpkin! I just have absolutely no time for painting a pumpkin now. I'm lucky I had the time to carve it in the first place. I am happy about my pumpkin. :) It's my prized artistic possession now. LOL Two years ago I tried to carve a special pumpkin like this and it got so very messed up. My pumpkin would break or just completely crumble. Yay for craft pumpkins!

The one real pumpkin we did carve, I kept the seeds on the side and made fresh toasted pumpkin seeds. They were great and my kids ate most of them before I even got to the bowl! :) We had a pretty good day yesterday before they were maniacs. Today they're maniacs too. They're beating each other up and wanting to watch two different things on TV. Maybe I'll get a calm day somtime before they're both married. lol I gotta run out for a few hours. At least I'll get some time alone then. lol