Oct 15, 2009

Feeling so very positive,

I don't know why, but today I was feeling very positive that my shop will succeed. I wish I knew why I felt this way, but I don't. lol It's probably a very fleeting feeling that won't last too long, but at least it has arrived. LOL :)

Tomorrow I probably won't be able to work on my shop AT ALL. I'm heading to New York City to go to a concert with my friend. We are leaving at 8 am because we want to be in a decent spot. #1. It's general admission and #2. It is going to rain tomorrow. We don't want it to pour and us be in the middle of times square. We want to be situated comfortably (but coldly) under the awning of the theater. lol I'm planning on having a lot of fun, since I go to concerts VERY rarely. I had been thinking of bringing my computer so that I can actually get things done, but #1. I am not exactly sure if I want to carry my netbook with me all day and #2. I would probably hate to be running back and forth to my car at the parking garage to put my computer back in there and then take it out again. lol I don't even know if I would trust my computer being in the parking garage without me. My Netbook is my baby. *pets*

I did add two new items today. The first would be an original painting and the second would be vintage but a very great gift. :) You can check those out:

Vintage Mom's Kitchen Wall Hanging & Hot Plate - GREAT GIFT!!!
Lazy Afternoon Original Acrylic Painting