Oct 2, 2009

Oye...and that is all I have to say.

My kids are nuts. lol I had to share a picture of my two little nut balls wearing colorful Dracula teeth! Since Alayna's birthday is (semi) close to Halloween, I decided to get some Halloween stuff for the goody bags. (At least for the boys & some of the girls.) Since we had 20 Dracula teeth and...not that many kids, I gave the girls some too and they went nuts. LOL.

I have to share a cute story... I had to work on Etsy a little tonight, so my mom was watching TV with the girls in the living room. My mom fell asleep and I hear the girls being very quiet. (Which is always a problem!) However, I was finishing something on here and I figured whatever they were doing to get in trouble, I'd fix it later. A few minutes later, I see my 2 year old walking in my room with a ghost parashite toy. (Which I had gotten for goody bags.) So, of course I freak out and storm into the living room to yell at my 4 year old. Where upon I see her on the floor with all of the goody bags lined up putting (neatly) the goody bag toys in the bags. She said "Surprise mommy!" And had finished all of the goody bags herself. Honestly, she did an amazing job. I am so proud of her and told her how proud I was. :) She told me that since I was working hard, she was going to help me and make me "less stressed". I was so proud of her. :)

Right now, I am continuing to be a "soccer mom" (as my mom says) and baking Hannah Montana cupcakes. I just had to run out to the grocery store (at 1 am) to get more canola oil because I hadn't realized we didn't have enough for 36 cupcakes. I doubt we will need all of those cupcakes, but better to be safe than sorry. That's also why I made more goody bags than I needed! I'm sure someone will bring their siblings to the party or maybe people who had not RSVP'd will come... Oy Vey! What a day! lol

I had another sale today...so I cannot complain at all! Though, they don't have feedback yet and haven't paid. So I am wary. I did convo them and tell them that they have until Monday at 10 pm to pay. If they don't pay by Monday at 10 pm, I will have to relist the item. I have never had a non paying buyer yet, so I do hope they pay. They seem legit, they have a paid ISP e-mail address and hopefully are going to pay. I can use the money, so I am happy. lol :)

Gotta go get the cupcakes out of the oven! I'm going to have more time after tomorrow to work on Etsy.